Digital image processing of remotely sensed oceanographic data

Türkmen, Müşerref
Developing remote sensing instrumentation allows obtaining information about an area rapidly and with low costs. This fact offers a challenge to remote sensing algorithms aimed at extracting information about an area from the available re¬mote sensing data. A very typical and important problem being interpretation of satellite images. A very efficient approach to remote sensing is employing discrim¬inant functions to distinguish different landscape classes from satellite images. Various methods on this direction are already studied. However, the efficiency of the studied methods are still not very high. In this thesis, we will improve efficiency of remote sensing algorithms. Besides we will investigate improving boundary detection methods on satellite images.


Statistical learning and optimization methods for improving the efficiency in landscape image clustering and classification problems
Gürol, Selime; Öktem, Hakan; Department of Scientific Computing (2005)
Remote sensing techniques are vital for early detection of several problems such as natural disasters, ecological problems and collecting information necessary for finding optimum solutions to those problems. Remotely sensed information has also important uses in predicting the future risks, urban planning, communication.Recent developments in remote sensing instrumentation offered a challenge to the mathematical and statistical methods to process the acquired information. Classification of satellite images...
Construction of substitution boxes depending on linear block codes
Yıldız, Senay; Yücel, Melek D; Department of Cryptography (2004)
The construction of a substitution box (S-box) with high nonlinearity and high resiliency is an important research area in cryptography. In this thesis, t-resilient nxm S-box construction methods depending on linear block codes presented in "A Construction of Resilient Functions with High Nonlinearity" by T. Johansson and E. Pasalic in 2000, and two years later in "Linear Codes in Generalized Construction of Resilient Functions with Very High Nonlinearity" by E. Pasalic and S. Maitra are compared and the fo...
Image segmentation and smoothing via partial differential equations
Özmen, Neslihan; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; Department of Scientific Computing (2009)
In image processing, partial differential equation (PDE) based approaches have been extensively used in segmentation and smoothing applications. The Perona-Malik nonlinear diffusion model is the first PDE based method used in the image smoothing tasks. Afterwards the classical Mumford-Shah model was developed to solve both image segmentation and smoothing problems and it is based on the minimization of an energy functional. It has numerous application areas such as edge detection, motion analysis, medical i...
Distributed Connectivity Restoration in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks via Depth Adjustment
Uzun, Erkay; ŞENEL, FATİH; Akkaya, Kemal; Yazıcı, Adnan (2015-06-12)
In most applications of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, network connectivity is required for data exchange, data aggregation and relaying the data to a surface station. However, such connectivity can be lost due to failure of some sensor nodes which creates disruptions to the network operations. In this paper, we present two algorithms, namely BMR and DURA, which can detect network partitioning due to such node failures and re-establish network connectivity through controlled depth adjustment of nodes ...
On the performance, availability and energy consumption modelling of clustered IoT systems
Ever, Enver; Shah, Purav; Mostarda, Leonardo; Omondi, Fredrick; Gemikonakli, Orhan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-01)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) form a large part of the ecosystem of the Internet of Things (IoT), hence they have numerous application domains with varying performance and availability requirements. Limited resources that include processing capability, queue capacity, and available energy in addition to frequent node and link failures degrade the performance and availability of these networks. In an attempt to efficiently utilise the limited resources and to maintain the reliable network with efficient da...
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M. Türkmen, “Digital image processing of remotely sensed oceanographic data,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.