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The representation of a cultural heritage in virtual environment case study :Cumhurbaşkanliği Atatürk Müze Köşkü [Electronic resource] / Özgür Şenoğul, Supervisor Inst. Prof. Dr. Fuat Gökce.

Şenoğul, Özgür
It is defined in international charters that presentation is one of the main responsibilities of conservation policies. The consicousness on cultural heritages and their conservation leads to related disciplines to prepare efficient presentations. Traditional presentations cannot bear to constitute a medium where different types of information and mulitple techniques can be integrated in a single medium. This thesis considers Virtual Environment as a multi-layered medium for such a need and uses it on the presentation of a Architectural Cultural Heritage that has a very important place in the foundation of Turkish Republic. The study proposes a scheme for the process with respect to the author’s technical capabilities and literature surveys on the examples that are prepared in VE and searches the advantages or disadvantages, sufficiencies or insufficiencies. The system runs through a CD that is attached to back of the text, has an interactive virtual tour and internet pages that are all prepared by the author.