Design and optimization of a mixed flow compressor impeller using robust design methods

Çevik, Mert
This is a study that is focused on developing an individual design methodology for a centrifugal impeller and generating a mixed flow impeller for a small turbojet engine by using this methodology. The structure of the methodology is based on the design, modeling and the optimization processes, which are operated sequentially. The design process consists of engine design and compressor design codes operated together with a commercial design code. Design of Experiment methods and an in-house Neural Network code is used for the modeling phase. The optimization is based on an in-house code which is generated based on multidirectional search algorithm. The optimization problem is constructed by using the inhouse parametric design codes of the engine and the compressor. The goal of the optimization problem is to reach an optimum design which gives the best possible combination of the thrust and the fuel consumption for a small turbojet engine. The final combination of the design parameters obtained from the optimization study are used in order to generate the final design with the commercial design code. On the last part of the thesis a comparison of the final design and a standard radial flow impeller is made in order to clarify the benefit of the study. The results have been showed that a mixed flow compressor design is superior to a standard radial flow compressor in a small turbojet application.
Citation Formats
M. Çevik, “Design and optimization of a mixed flow compressor impeller using robust design methods,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.