Thermal and visible band image fusion for abondoned object dedection

Yiğit, Ahmet
Packages that are left unattended in public spaces are a security concern and timely detection of these packages is important for prevention of potential threats. Operators should be always alert to detect abandoned items in crowded environments. However, it is very difficult for operators to stay concentrated for extended periods. Therefore, it is important to aid operators with automatic detection of abandoned items. Most of the methods in the literature define abandoned items as items newly added to the scene and stayed stationary for a predefined time. Hence other stationary objects, such as people sitting on a bench are also detected as suspicious objects resulting in a high number of false alarms. These false alarms could be prevented by discriminating suspicious items as living/nonliving objects. In this thesis, visible band and thermal band cameras are used together to analyze the interactions between humans and other objects. Thermal images help classification of objects using their heat signatures. This way, people and the objects they carry or left behind can be detected separately. Especially, it is aimed to detect abandoned items and discriminate living or nonliving objects
Citation Formats
A. Yiğit, “Thermal and visible band image fusion for abondoned object dedection,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.