Acquisition of liver specific parasites-bacteria-drugsdiseases- genes knowledge from medline

Yıldırım, Pınar
Biomedical literature such as MEDLINE articles are rich resources for discovering and tracking disease and drug knowledge. For example, information regarding the drugs that are used with a particular disease or the changes in drug usage over time is valulable. However, this information is buried in thousands of MEDLINE articles. Acquiring knowledge from these articles requires complex processes depending on the biomedical text mining techniques. Today, parasitic and bacterial diseases affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. They result in significant mortality and devastating social and economic consequences. There are many control and eradication programs conducted in the world. Also, many drugs are developed for diseases caused from parasites and bacteria. In this study, research was conducted of parasites (bacteria affecting the liver) and treatment drugs were tested. Also, relationships between these diseases and genes, along with parasites and bacteria were searched through data and biomedical text mining techniques. This study reveals that the treatment of parasites and bacteria seems to be stable over the last four decades. The methodology introduced in this study also presents a reference model to acquire medical knowledge from the literature.
Citation Formats
P. Yıldırım, “Acquisition of liver specific parasites-bacteria-drugsdiseases- genes knowledge from medline,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2011.