Conservation in rural areas : a case study in Örenli Village in Kepsut, Balıkesir

Yeşilyurt, Gülsüm Hande
Rural settlements are formed according to local people’s needs, harmonious with the land form and the climate, and have a rich variety of buildings using local material. But changes in lifestyle due to urbanization and tourism, socio economic degradation and poor living conditions have a negative effect on rural heritage and as a result, rural settlements become inharmonious with vernacular architecture and current lifestyle. Besides, due to its geographical and quantitative vastness, rural heritage is rarely recorded and legislations for rural settlements are so inadequate in Turkey. The aim of this thesis is to understand the values of rural heritage and suggest proposals for the conservation of these areas. As a case study Örenli Village in Kepsut, Balıkesir was selected and architectural characteristics of traditional buildings, lifestyles of local people in Örenli Village, written and unwritten rules of this rural settlement were analyzed. In conclusion, recommendations were done for conserving rural heritage while trying to meet the local people’s arising needs.
Citation Formats
G. H. Yeşilyurt, “Conservation in rural areas : a case study in Örenli Village in Kepsut, Balıkesir ,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2012.