A Critical assessment of the justice and development party government's alevi initiative from the perspectives of alevi organizations

Kaymaz, Nazlı Pınar
This thesis analyzes the Justice and Development Party government‟s Alevi Initiative which was launched in 2007 as a part of the “Democratic Opening” project that included an Alevi Initiative as well as Kurdish, Roma, Armenian and Greek Orthodox initiatives as well as several Alevi Organizations‟ approaches to the Initiative. Even though the Alevi Initiative and especially the Alevi Workshops which constituted the heart of the whole process was represented as a sincere attempt on the part of the Turkish State to understand Alevis‟ problems and meet their demands, a considerable part of Alevi Associations have expressed strong criticisms regarding the structure, aim and outcome of the Initiative from 2007 to this day. This thesis evaluates the course and outcome of the JDP government‟s Alevi Initiative by analyzing the transcripts of the 7 Alevi Workshops which were held in 2009-2010 and the outcomes of the in-depth interviews that were conducted with the representatives of five Alevi Associations in July and August 2012. This study concludes that the „unsatisfactory‟ outcome of the Alevi Initiative can be explained with the help of the Foucauldian conceptualization of governmentality as the Alevi Initiative aimed to construct a certain kind of knowledge about Alevilik and through it tried to internalize and control Alevi community, Alevi Organizations‟ main demands remained unanswered to a great extent.


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N. P. Kaymaz, “A Critical assessment of the justice and development party government’s alevi initiative from the perspectives of alevi organizations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.