OpenCL implementation of montgomery multiplication on FPGA /

Büyükşahin, Mehmet Ufuk
Galois Field arithmetic has been used very frequently in popular security and errorcorrection applications. Montgomery multiplication is among the suitable methods used for accelerating modular multiplication, which is the most time consuming basic arithmetic operation. Montgomery multiplication is also suitable to be implemented in parallel. OpenCL, which is a portable, heterogeneous and parallel programming framework, is recently supported by a major FPGA vendor, Altera. Therefore it is now possible to exploit the advantages of using both FPGA and C based OpenCL language simulataneously. In this thesis, Montgomery multiplication algorithm is implemented on FPGA using OpenCL programming language. Performance of the proposed FPGA implementation is evaluated and compared with CPU and GPU platforms. Using different OpenCL specific directives, several FPGA configurations corresponding to different parallel architectures are implemented for different multiplication sizes.


A True random generator in FPGA for cryptographic applications
Yıldırım, Salih; Bazlamaçcı, Cüneyt Fehmi; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
In this thesis a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) employed for cryptographic applications is investigated, implemented and evaluated. The design of TRNG and its embedded tests are described in VHDL language and then implemented on an FPGA platform. Randomness is extracted from the jitter of ring oscillators that has self-failure detecting and sampling logic. The implementation needs only primitive resources which are common in all kinds of FPGAs. The embedded randomness tests described in Federal Informa...
Computational platform for predicting lifetime system reliability profiles for different structure types in a network
Akgül, Ferhat (2004-01-01)
This paper presents a computational platform for predicting the lifetime system reliability profiles for different structure types located in an existing network. The computational platform has the capability to incorporate time-variant live load and resistance models. Following a review of the theoretical basis, the overall architecture of the computational platform is described. Finally, numerical examples of three existing bridges (i.e., a steel, a prestressed concrete, and a hybrid steel-concrete bridge...
Random Set Methods Estimation of Multiple Extended Objects
Granstrom, Karl; Lundquist, Christian; Gustafsson, Fredrik; Orguner, Umut (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-06-01)
Random set-based methods have provided a rigorous Bayesian framework and have been used extensively in the last decade for point object estimation. In this article, we emphasize that the same methodology offers an equally powerful approach to estimation of so-called extended objects, i.e., objects that result in multiple detections on the sensor side. Building upon the analogy between Bayesian state estimation of a single object and random finite set (RFS) estimation for multiple objects, we give a tutorial...
Parallel solution of sparse triangular linear systems on multicore platforms
Çuğu, İlke; Manguoğlu, Murat; Department of Computer Engineering (2018)
Many large-scale applications in science and engineering require the solution of sparse linear systems. One well-known approach is to solve these systems by factorizing the coefficient matrix into nonsingular sparse triangular matrices and solving the resulting sparse triangular systems via backward and forward sweep (substitution) operations. This can be considered as a direct solver or it is part of the preconditioning operation in an iterative scheme if incomplete factorization is computed. Often, these ...
Object-oriented implementation of option pricing via Matlab: Monte Carlo approach
Tekin, Özge; Uğur, Ömür; Yolcu Okur, Yeliz; Department of Financial Mathematics (2015)
There are many applications in finance and investment that require the use of methods, which involve time-consuming and laborious iterative calculations. Although closed-form solutions are available for some specific instruments, the valuation methods used in financial engineering in many other situations require analytical methods, which compute approximate solutions on computing environments. Option pricing is one of the most important and active topics in financial engineering, and there are many fundame...
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M. U. Büyükşahin, “OpenCL implementation of montgomery multiplication on FPGA /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.