Technopoles as high technology workplaces: A 'new' workplace

Toker, Umut


Technoscientific Control And Environment
Evyapan, Argun (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1986)
"Teknoloji" terimiyle anlatım bulan olgunun, genel bir çerçeve içinde ne anlamlar taşıdığı konusunda bir fikir birliği yoktur. Bu olguyu açıklamaya çalışan yaklaşımları kabaca "göreli" ve "ontolojik" tanımlar olarak iki gurupta toplamak olasıdır. Çok değişik düşünce, yaklaşım ve tanımların çoğunluğunda gene de, ortak bazı genel temalar izlenebilmektedir. Bu temalar üç gurupta incelenebilir: — Teknoloji-bilim arası ilişkileri ele alanlar, — Amaç-araç ikilemi yönünden teknolojinin özellikleri, — Teknoloji ile...
Techno-economic optimization of induction machines: an industrial application
Samarkanov, Dmitry; Gillon, Frederic; Brochet, Pascal; Laloy, Daniel (2011-09-10)
Current economic situation force manufacturers to find the new ways of designing electrical machines. In order to succeed in competitive market, industry has to create new approaches of finding the solutions which will satisfy customer's requirements. Task of determining this set of optimal configurations must be done in the least possible time frame. This problem is becoming more complex when the required electrical machine is not in the standard range of configurations and so the price of the solution can...
Techno-economic comparative analysis of renewable energy systems: Case study in Zimbabwe
Al-Ghussain, Loiy; Samu, Remember; Taylan, Onur; Fahrioglu, Murat (2020-09-01)
© 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.Fluctuations in fossil fuel prices significantly affect the economies of countries, especially oil-importing countries, hence these countries are thoroughly investigating the increase in the utilization of renewable energy resources as it is abundant and locally available in all the countries despite challenges. Renewable energy systems (RES) such as solar and wind systems offer suitable alternatives for fossil fuels and could ensure the energy securi...
Nanobiomaterials: a review of the existing science and technology, and new approaches
Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Zorlutuna, P.; Ndreu, A.; Yilgor, P.; Basmanav, F. B.; Aydin, E. (2006-01-01)
Nanotechnology has made great strides forward in the creation of new surfaces, new materials and new forms which also find application in the biomedical field. Traditional biomedical applications started benefiting from the use nanotechnology in an array of areas, such as biosensors, tissue engineering, controlled release systems, intelligent systems and nanocomposites used in implant design. In this manuscript a review of developments in these areas will be provided along with some applications from our la...
Technology acceptance: a meta-analysis of the theoretical models
Sevim, Anıl; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been among the most pervasive models which attempted to elucidate the dynamics of technology acceptance. The constructs of both TAM and its operative successors including TAM2, TAM3 and UTAUT (Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology) have been tested through several primary studies, however, the question is that there exists a limited number of secondary studies which aim the assessment of construct relationship variation among those primary studies. Through ...
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U. Toker, “ Technopoles as high technology workplaces: A ‘new’ workplace,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.