Multiresolution analysis of S&P500 time series

Kılıç, Deniz Kenan
Time series analysis is an essential research area for almost all people who are dealing with scientific and engineering problems. Main aim is to understand the underlying characteristics of the time series by using time as well as frequency domain analyses. Then one can make a prediction for the desired system to forecast observations ahead. Time series modeling, frequency domain analysis and some descriptive statistical analysis are main subjects of this thesis. Choosing an appropriate model is the main focus of all analysis in order to make a good prediction. In this thesis financial time series are focused, particularly S&P500 daily closing prices and it’s return values are handled. Fourier transform and wavelet transform are creatively at the center of the frequency domain analysis. Knowing the fact that financial time series are complex data sets to sufficiently predict the future, multiresolution analysis is handled in this thesis using the wavelet transforms to figure out specialties of S&P500 data. Also, apparently, models that are appropriate for the financial time series are discussed in the application part.


Multiresolution analysis of S&P500 time series
KILIC, Deniz Kenan; Uğur, Ömür (2018-01-01)
Time series analysis is an essential research area for those who are dealing with scientific and engineering problems. The main objective, in general, is to understand the underlying characteristics of selected time series by using the time as well as the frequency domain analysis. Then one can make a prediction for desired system to forecast ahead from the past observations. Time series modeling, frequency domain and some other descriptive statistical data analyses are the primary subjects of this study: i...
Data analysis experiences: self-produced vs. Alien Data
Sevinç, Şerife (2017-01-14)
Data analysis is one of the core phases of qualitative research. This presentation aimed to share data analysis experiences of a team of researchers in a mathematics education study using three- tiered modeling research as a methodologic orientation. This study had three tiers: Tier 1-Pre-service mathematics teachers, Tier 2- A team of researchers, and Tier 3-Principal researcher. The team of researchers in Tier 2 composed of four researchers having different interests and teaching experiences as well as di...
Hybrid wavelet-neural network models for time series data
Kılıç, Deniz Kenan; Uğur, Ömür; Department of Financial Mathematics (2021-3-3)
The thesis aims to combine wavelet theory with nonlinear models, particularly neural networks, to find an appropriate time series model structure. Data like financial time series are nonstationary, noisy, and chaotic. Therefore using wavelet analysis helps better modeling in the sense of both frequency and time. S&P500 (∧GSPC) and NASDAQ (∧ IXIC) data are divided into several components by using multiresolution analysis (MRA). Subsequently, each part is modeled by using a suitable neural network structure. ...
Continuous optimization applied in MARS for modern applications in finance, science and technology
Taylan, Pakize; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Yerlikaya, Fatma (2008-05-23)
Multivariate adaptive regression spline (MARS) denotes a tool from statistics, important in classification and regression, with applicability in many areas of finance, science and technology. It is very useful in high dimensions and shows a great promise for fitting nonlinear multivariate functions. The MARS algorithm for estimating the model function consists of two subalgorithms. We propose not to use the second one (backward stepwise algorithm), but we construct a penalized residual sum of squares for a ...
Singularly perturbed diffusion-advection-reaction processes on extremely large three-dimensional curvilinear networks with a periodic microstructure -- efficient solution strategies based on homogenization theory
Kropat, Erik; Meyer-Nieberg, Silja; Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), 2016-8)
Boundary value problems on large periodic networks arise in many applications such as soil mechanics in geophysics or the analysis of photonic crystals in nanotechnology. As a model example, singularly perturbed elliptic differential equations of second order are addressed. Typically, the length of periodicity is very small compared to the size of the covered region. The overall complexity of the networks raises serious problems on the computational side. The high density of the graph, the huge number of ed...
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D. K. Kılıç, “Multiresolution analysis of S&P500 time series,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.