Pricing and hedging of quotient options in İstanbul stock exchange

Özsoy, Ahmet Umur
Multi-asset options are derivatives written on more than one underlying asset. As a special case of multi-asset options, quotient options are written on the ratio of two underlying assets. They may be used to replace pair trading. We review the literature on quotient options within the Black-Scholes-Merton framework and pair trading. We study the performance of the delta hedging algorithm given by the BSM framework when it is applied to the quotient options traded in Borsa Istanbul. We also compare the market prices of the same quotient options to the prices suggested by the BSM model.


An Examination of betas for Borsa İstanbul
Koca, Onur; Oran, Adil; Department of Business Administration (2016)
This study aims to investigate the Betas, which is called as systematic risk and introduced by Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), of stocks traded in Borsa Istanbul (BIST). Issues about Beta have been examined for many years and mainly focus on its estimation and stability. These topics set up the core of this thesis. The closing prices of 203 eligible stocks between 2005 and 2015 are used in the work and data is collected from Thomson Reuters. The estimation of Beta is performed in four different methods,...
Pricing and hedging lookback options using black-scholes in Borsa İstanbul
Samuel Paul, Sharoy Augustine; Sezer, Ali Devin; Department of Financial Mathematics (2016)
The lookback option is a path dependent option that looks at the behaviour of the underlying asset for a specified time frame known as the lookback period. The maximum (minimum) attained during the lookback period is used to determine the option's payoff. In this thesis, the floating strike lookback option, which uses the maximum to determine the strike price for the put options will be examined and will be applied to the assets appearing in the BIST30 index. We estimate the historical volatility of these a...
Applications of the heston model on BIST30 warrants : hedging and pricing
Mert, Özenç Murat; Sezer, Ali Devin; Department of Financial Mathematics (2016)
The Heston model is one of the first and known stochastic volatility models. The aim of this work is to study the performance of the Heston Model on pricing and hedging the warrants written on BIST30 and the compatibility between the observation of the Heston Model in the literature and BIST30 data.
Local volatility model applied to BIST30 european warrants: pricing and hedging
Kirazoğlu, Zekiye Sıla; Sezer, Ali Devin; Department of Financial Mathematics (2016)
One of the basic observations on pricing options is that the assumption of constant volatility does not agree with data and market price data gives a volatility smile that depends on maturities and strike prices. The first model that developed to be compatible with this observation is the local volatility model. The purpose of this work is to study the performance of the local volatility model on BIST30 warrants and compare it to the standard Black Scholes model. To estimate the local volatility model from d...
Application of stochastic volatility models with jumps to BIST options
Rahiminejat, Monireh; Sezer, Ali Devin; Department of Financial Mathematics (2017)
This thesis gives a derivation of call and put option pricing formulas under stochastic volatility models with jumps; the precise model is a combination of Merton and Heston models. The derivation is based on the computation of the characteristic function of the underlying process. We use the derived formulas to fit the model to options written on two stocks in the BIST30 index covering the first two months of 2017. The fit is done by minimizing a weighted $L_2$ distance between the observed prices and the ...
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A. U. Özsoy, “Pricing and hedging of quotient options in İstanbul stock exchange,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.