Sequence families with good correlation distribution

Tekin, Eda
In this thesis we focus on two main properties of sequences which have wide range of applications in code division multiple access: autocorrelation and cross-correlation. First, necessary properties of sequences, some known perfect autocorrelation sequences and some known sequence families with their cross-correlation properties are given. Then, a perfect autocorrelation sequence [18] is generalized with respect to a number theoretic constraint of n for a given prime power q. This generalization enables the designers to have more flexibility in terms of the deployment of these sequences. Later, a sequence family with low maximum correlation magnitude is constructed for an arbitrary even positive integer n and its correlation distribution is given. Gold-like sequence family [6] is generalized depending on a plateaued function f(x), for all possible p and n values and its correlation values are obtained. Finally, using Gold function as f(x), the generalized family’s correlation distribution is given depending on p and n. 
Citation Formats
E. Tekin, “Sequence families with good correlation distribution,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.