Investigation of the sediments of İzmir Bay: trace elements

Atgın, Refet Sinem


Investigation of the sediment pollution in Izmir Bay: trace elements
Atgin, RS; El-Agha, O; Zararsiz, A; Kocatas, A; PARLAK, HATİCE; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (2000-07-14)
The pollution of Izmir Bay was investigated by measuring the trace elements of the surface sediments. The sediment samples were collected from 100 locations in Izmir Bay, five rivers and five sewer outfalls. The collected samples were acid digested and analyzed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS), flame atomic emission spectrometry (FAES), graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) for a total of 16 trace elements. Selected samples were also ...
Investigation of 18O variations of alkaline volcanic rocks in Kula region Turkey
Aral, Duru; Mutlu, Halim; Aldanmaz, Ercan; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan; Stuart, Fın (null; 2016-09-05)
Investigation of rockfall around Ankara citadel
San, Nyein Ei; Topal, Tamer; Akın, Müge K.; Department of Geological Engineering (2017)
Rockfall is one of the most important natural disasters affecting human life. Rockfall is the downward motion of a detached block or series of blocks with a small volume involving free falling, bouncing, rolling, and sliding. The reasons causing rockfall are mainly earthquakes, precipitation, freeze-thaw, physical-chemical weathering and joints. Ankara Citadel is one of the important cultural heritages of the capital city of Turkey. It belongs to the oldest part of Ankara. The citadel is located on a steep ...
Investigation of Helium Isotope Vari ations of Alkaline Volcanic Rocks in Kutahya Region
Cesur, Duru; Mutlu, Halim; Aldanmaz, Ercan; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan; Stuart, Fın; Sarıız, Kadır (2016-04-17)
The noble gases, in particular helium isotopes, provide valuable information on the mantle source of recentbasaltic volcanism, especially when linked to trace elements and radiogenic isotopes. Although the alkalinevolcanics in the Kütahya region have been studied in detail by several works by means of trace element variations,radiogenic dating and isotope systematics, noble gas isotope compositions that could significantly contribute todynamics of volcanism have not been investigated yet. In this study which...
Investigation of light attenuation in Lake Eymir
Atiker, Selen; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Sanin, Selim; Department of Environmental Engineering (2012)
Light penetration and attenuation has significant impact on the water quality of lakes. Algal activity, which is important for the levels of several water quality parameters, is dependent on light penetration besides availability of nutrients. In this study, change in light penetration and attenuation in Lake Eymir was studied. The relationships of extinction coefficient (ke), and water quality parameters were investigated. The effect of ke on Chl-a over nutrients were investigated. The water quality parame...
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R. S. Atgın, “ Investigation of the sediments of İzmir Bay: trace elements,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.