Homomorphic encryption for data security in cloud computing

Wainakh, Asndar
Recently, cloud computing has grown into a popular aspect of the IT industry. Cloud computing provides a range of hardware and software resources to its customers,which they can access through the internet. With the rapid development of cloud computing, various security issues related to confidentiality, and integrity are appearing. Traditional encryption techniques provide security to data while it is stored and transmitted, but not while it is processed. Hence traditional encryption techniques are not enough to secure data completely. Homomorphic encryption presents a resolution to this obstacle by allowing computation on encrypted data. Within the thesis, we present a summary of cloud computing security concerns plus the possibility of applying homomorphic encryption for data security.
Citation Formats
A. Wainakh, “Homomorphic encryption for data security in cloud computing,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.