Calyx: a geomorphological approach to formation of urban space in the context of Ankara

Yavuz, Irmak
That geomorphology constitutes a basis for the urban formation does not seem to be valid argument today, considering the current urbanization processes and urban experiences. As a challenge, this study is grounded on the inquiry that geomorphology is not a mere physical surface but contains certain spatial qualities that are effectively integrated in the urban formation processes through the prevalent productive capacity of the era. At that end, calyx is taken at the focus of the study as a geospatial phenomenon. An exploration into calyx typologies and towns through the mapping of an array of instances is followed by a detailed analysis in the case of Ankara. ‘Traditionally formed’ and ‘contemporarily envisioned’ urban formation processes of Ankara as well as the shifting urbanization approaches with reference to the calyx are analyzed by a series of reproduced visual narratives. In that sense, this research offers a fresh perspective into the urban formation of Ankara and a method of analysis by taking the geomorphological qualities at the core of inquiry.