Project céramique / maastricht; reassessment of a regeneration project

Mutlu, Deniz
Urban transformation is an economically, politically, socially and physically conscious behavior and approach executed to designate planned, man-made interventions. The content of the phenomenon comes with a complexity due to; - The involvement of actors both in the pre-implementation with discussions and arguments and during/after implementation with involvements and monitoring. - The dynamics of economic and political conditions as well as cultural and technological alterations. - The ambiguity in its definition. This study analyzes one of the large-scale urban regeneration projects, Maastricht Céramique, starting from the early functionality of the site - operating as an industrial plant owned by NV Koninklijke Céramique - till its finalization with the implementation of the master plan design of the Limburgian Architect/Urbanist Jo Coenen. The purpose of this thesis is to elaborately examine the different stages of the project and reveal statements about ‘how to generate healthy and liveable spaces’ making inferences with regard to the case. Along the work; Maastricht City with its features, the early developed renewal projects in the city, the policies on renewal and the case in relation to its context will be studied in depth. The study in the track of the given framework will be finalized with inferences on Céramique. The execution of the outcomes of case for the future projects have been summarized as; problems related with the area have been well defined and clear, explicit and accurate evaluations have been generated, the project suggests long-term usages/perspectives for regeneration, there have been active collaboration and reconciliation among contributors through the whole project and the project have been supported with policies that will cultivate and maintain the design applications.
Citation Formats
D. Mutlu, “Project céramique / maastricht; reassessment of a regeneration project,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2015.