Atomic layer deposited Al2O3 passivation of type II InAs/GaSb superlattice photodetectors

Salihoglu, Omer
Muti, Abdullah
Kutluer, Kutlu
Tansel, Tunay
Turan, Raşit
Kocabas, Coskun
Aydinli, Atilla
Taking advantage of the favorable Gibbs free energies, atomic layer deposited (ALD) aluminum oxide (Al2O3) was used as a novel approach for passivation of type II InAs/GaSb superlattice (SL) midwave infrared (MWIR) single pixel photodetectors in a self cleaning process (lambda(cut-off) similar to 5.1 mu m). Al2O3 passivated and unpassivated diodes were compared for their electrical and optical performances. For passivated diodes, the dark current density was improved by an order of magnitude at 77 K. The zero bias responsivity and detectivity was 1.33 A/W and 1.9 x 10(13) Jones, respectively at 4 mu m and 77 K. Quantum efficiency (QE) was determined as %41 for these detectors. This conformal passivation technique is promising for focal plane array (FPA) applications. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics.
Journal of Applied Physics


Formation and characterization of infrared absorbing copper oxide surfaces
Arslan, Burcu; Erdogan, Metehan; Karakaya, İshak (2017-04-30)
Copper oxide formation has been investigated to combine the advantages of producing different size and shapes of coatings that possess good light absorbing properties. An aqueous blackening solution was investigated and optimum composition was found as 2.5 M NaOH and 0.225 M NaClO to form velvet copper oxide films. A two-step oxidation mechanism was proposed for the blackening process by carefully examining the experimental results. Formation of Cu2O was observed until the entire copper surface was covered ...
Photocatalytic oxidation of NOX over TiO₂ containing cement based materials
Bayar, İbrahim; Üner, Deniz; Department of Chemical Engineering (2013)
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Cobalt Oxide Nanoflakes on Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin Films for Supercapacitor Electrodes
Durukan, Mete Batuhan; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2016-12-20)
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Grafted nickel-promoter catalysts for dry reforming of methane identified through high-throughput experimentation
Ferrandon, Magali S.; Byron, Carly; Çelik, Gökhan; Zhang, Yuying; Ni, Chaoying; Sloppy, Jennifer; McCormick, Rachel A.; Booksh, Karl; Teplyakov, Andrew; Delferro, Massimiliano (2022-01-01)
High-throughput synthesis of a series of monometallic and bimetallic catalysts (45 bimetallic and 50 mono-metallic samples) consisting of nickel and one of nine different metal promoters (B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Sn, V and Zn) supported on one of five different metal oxides (alumina, ceria, magnesia, silica and titania) is carried out via organometallic grafting using a robotic platform. The catalysts are evaluated for their activity and selectivity for the dry reforming of methane at a feed ratio of CH4:CO2 ...
Electronic properties of transition metal oxides
Mete, Ersen; Ellialtıoğlu, Süleyman Şinasi; Department of Physics (2003)
Transition metal oxides constitute a large class of materials with variety of very interesting properties and important technological utility. A subset with perovskite structure has been the subject matter of the current theoretical investigation with an emphasis on their electronic and structural behavior. An analytical and a computational method are used to calculate physical entities like lattice parameters, bulk moduli, band structures, density of electronic states and charge density distributions for v...
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