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Improved Cryptanalysis of Skein
Aumasson, Jean-Philippe; Calik, Cagdas; Meier, Willi; Oezen, Onur; Phan, Raphael C-W.; Varici, Kerem (2009-12-10)
The hash function Skein is the submission of Ferguson et al. to the NIST Hash Competition, and is arguably a serious candidate for selection as SHA-3. This paper presents the first third-party analysis of Skein, with an ex...
Open-TEE is No Longer Virtual: Towards Software-only Trusted Execution Environments Using White-box Cryptography
BIÇAKCI, KEMAL; Ak, Ihsan Kagan; Ozdemir, Betul Askin; Gozutok, Mesut (2019-01-01)
Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) provide hardware support to isolate the execution of sensitive operations on mobile phones for improved security. However, they are not always available to use for application develope...
Threshold Broadcast Encryption with reduced complexity
Kaskaloglu, Kerem; Kaya, Kamer; Selcuk, Ali Aydin (2007-11-09)
Threshold Broadcast Encryption (TBE) is a promising extension of threshold cryptography with its advantages over traditional threshold cryptosystems, such as eliminating the need of a trusted party, the ability of setting ...
A framework for chosen IV statistical analysis of stream ciphers
Englund, Hakan; Johansson, Thomas; Turan, Meltem Soenmez (2007-12-13)
Saarinen recently proposed a chosen IV statistical attack, called the d-monomial test, and used it to find weaknesses in several proposed stream ciphers. In this paper we generalize this idea and propose a framework for ch...
A Secure and Efficient Protocol for Electronic Treasury Auctions
Bektas, Atilla; Kiraz, Mehmet Sabir; Uzunkol, Osmanbey (2014-10-17)
Auctions have become an important part of electronic commerce. Considering the gradually increasing importance of confidentiality and privacy in auction modeling, various designs have been proposed to ensure secure transmi...
Validation and verification issues in e-Voting
Cetinkaya, Orhan; Cetinkaya, Deniz (2007-06-22)
Electronic democracy (e-democracy) is a necessity in this era of computers and information technology. Electronic election (e-election) is one of the most important applications of e-democracy, because of the importance of...
Classification of 6 x 6 S-boxes Obtained by Concatenation of RSSBs
KAVUT, SELÇUK; Baloglu, Sevdenur (2016-09-21)
We give an efficient exhaustive search algorithm to enumerate 6x6 bijective S-boxes with the best known nonlinearity 24 in a class of S-boxes that are symmetric under the permutation tau (x) = (x(0), x(2), x(3), x(4), x(5)...
A Pipelined Camellia Architecture for Compact Hardware Implementation
Kavun, Elif Bilge; Yalcin, Tolga (2010-07-09)
In this paper, we present a compact and fast pipelined implementation of the block cipher Camellia for 128-bit data and 128-bit key lengths. The implementation is suitable for both Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and ...
Near-Collisions for the Reduced Round Versions of Some Second Round SHA-3 Compression Functions Using Hill Climbing
Turan, Meltem Soenmez; Uyan, Erdener (2010-12-15)
A hash function is near-collision resistant, if it is hard to find two messages with hash values that differ in only a small number of bits. In this study, we use hill climbing methods to evaluate the near-collision resist...
Prototype Implementation of DynaVote e-Voting Protocol
Cetinkaya, Orhan; Koc, Mehmet Levent (2009-06-30)
Voting is regarded as one of the most effective methods for individuals to express their opinions on a given topic. Electronic voting (eVoting) refers to the use of computers or computerised voting equipments to cast ballo...