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Deep-Water Variability and Interbasin Interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Ozsoy, Emin; Sofianos, Sarantis; Gertman, Isaac; Mantziafou, Anneta; Aydogdu, Ali; Georgiou, Sotiria; Tutsak, Ersin; Lascaratos, Alex; Hecht, Artur; Latif, Mohammed Abdul (2011-11-08)
The Bosphorus Strait: Exchange fluxes, currents and sea-level changes
Ozsoy, E; Latif, MA; Besiktepe, ST; Cetin, N; Gregg, MC; Belokopytov, V; Goryachkin, Y; Diaconu, V (1997-06-19)
The flows through the Turkish Straits System (comprised of the Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles, and the Sea of Marmara) are subject to a great degree of transient variability, depending on the atmospheric factors and ...
Simulation of upper layer biochemical structure in the Black Sea
Oguz, T; Ducklow, H; Shushkina, EA; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P; Tugrul, S; Lebedeva, LP (1997-06-19)
The processes governing the biogeochemical structure of the upper layer water column in the central Black Sea are studied using a one-dimensional coupled physical-biogeochemical model. It is an extention of the previous mo...
A hemispheric dust storm in April 1994 - Observations, modelling and analyses
Ozsoy, E; Nickovic, S; Kubilay, N; Saydam, C (1998-10-02)
A comparative study of spectrophotometric and iodometric back titration methods for hydrogen sulfide determination in anoxic Black Sea waters
Gokmen, S; Romanov, AS; Basturk, O; Konovalov, SK (1997-06-19)
Iodometric Back Titration (IBT) and Spectrophotometric (SPM) determination are two commonly used methods for the determination of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration in sea water. These two methods were applied in paralle...
Analysis of the change in mineral dust optical properties over the Eastern Mediterranean with source location using SEAWIFS imagery
Cokacar, T; Moulin, C; Kubilay, N; Oguz, T (2003-07-25)
Mineral dust from surrounding and regions is the major aerosol in the Mediterranean atmosphere during spring and summer. The Eastern Mediterranean is particularly interesting because mineral dust may come from three differ...
HUAI, HY; GAINES, AF; TROMP, PJJ (1992-04-05)
Modulatory Effects of Resveratrol on Liver, Kidney, and Lung Total GST, GST Mu, and NQO1 and CYP2B4, CYP2E1, and CYP3A Associated Enzyme Activities
ARSLAN, ŞEVKİ; Nuyan, Mine; Arinc, Emel (2009-05-01)
Interannual variability of the early summer coccolithophore blooms in the Black Sea: impacts of climatic factors
Cokacar, T; Oguz, T; Kubilay, N (2003-08-06)
Interannual variability of the early summer (May-June) coccolithophore blooms within surface waters of the Black Sea was studied by means of satellite-based bio-optical observations. The performance of two coccolithophore ...
Towards coupling three dimensional eddy resolving general circulation and biochemical models in the Black Sea
Oguz, T; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P; Ducklow, H (1995-11-18)
An overview of our ongoing efforts on modeling the Black Sea general circulation and lower trophic level pelagic food web is presented. Using an eddy resolving ocean circulation model endowed with active thermodynamics and...