Alperen Dalkıran

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Transfer learning for drug–target interaction prediction
Dalkıran, Alperen; Atakan, Ahmet; Rifaioğlu, Ahmet Süreyya; Martin, Maria J; Çetin Atalay, Rengül; Acar, Aybar Can; Doğan, Tunca; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (2023-06-01)
MotivationUtilizing AI-driven approaches for drug–target interaction (DTI) prediction require large volumes of training data which are not available for the majority of target proteins. In this study, we investigate the us...
ECPred: a tool for the prediction of the enzymatic functions of protein sequences based on the EC nomenclature
Dalkıran, Alperen; Rifaioğlu, Ahmet Süreyya; Dogan, Tunca; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (2018-09-21)
Background: The automated prediction of the enzymatic functions of uncharacterized proteins is a crucial topic in bioinformatics. Although several methods and tools have been proposed to classify enzymes, most of these stu...
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