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A Modular Serious Game Development Framework for Virtual Laboratory Courses
Yucel, Furkan; Sultan Unal, Hasret; Sürer, Elif; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2024-01-01)
Laboratory experience is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum in most engineering courses. When physical learning is not feasible, and when the demand cannot be met through actual hands-on laboratory sessions, ...
Deniz Üstü Yüzer Rüzgar Türbinleri İçin Yüzer Platform Tipi Ve Deniz Tabanı Ankraj Sistemi Seçimini Etkileyen Faktörler (Factors Affecting the Selection of Floating Platform and Seabed Anchor Type for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines)
Ceylan, Yiğit Can; Öztürk Kardoğan, Pınar Sezin; Gökdağ, Ayşenur; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2023-09-22)
Türkiye denizlerinde, açık deniz rüzgâr türbinleri için yüzer sistemlerin tercih edildiği 50 m'den daha derin sularda deniz üstü rüzgâr enerjisi potansiyeli, yapılan araştırmalarda ortaya konmuştur (örn. Dünya Ba...
Comparison of different hydrological and stability assumptions for physically-based modeling of shallow landslides
Durmaz, Muhammet; Hürlimann, Marcel; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Medina, Vicente (2023-09-20)
Physically-based models are reliable techniques for landslide susceptibility assessment, therefore, several models have been proposed in the literature. In this study, two different hydrological models (FSLAM and TRIGRS) a...
A material point/finite volume method for coupled shallow water flows and large dynamic deformations in seabeds
Zheng, Xiangcou; Seaid, Mohammed; Pisano, Federico; Hicks, Michael A.; Vardon, Philip J.; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Osman, Ashraf S. (2023-08-01)
A hybrid material point/finite volume method for the numerical simulation of shallow water waves caused by largedynamic deformationsin thebathymetryis presented. The proposed model consists of coupling the nonlinearshallow...
Challenges and opportunities in teaching constitutive models in geotechnical courses
Medicus, Gertraud; Ziotopoulou, Katerina; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2023-06-28)
Constitutive modelling of materials is often perceived as an abstract and challenging topic in engineering education. This is a combination of multiple reasons including the required backgrounds on advanced algebra and geo...
Probability of unsatisfactory performance of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines considering variations in seabed properties
Orakci, Olgu; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; François, Stijn; Anoyatis, George (2023-04-01)
Safe design of monopiles for Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT) requires an accurate estimation of the foundation soil material properties. Uncertainty in soils is mainly due to their inherent variability which involves various ...
Interface Shear Strength Properties of Geofoam
Kefci, Yavuzhan; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2022-09-07)
Quantitative Land-Use and Landslide Assessment: A Case Study in Rize, Türkiye
Kasahara, Natsuki; Gonda, Yutaka; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2022-06-01)
Offshore Wind Power Plant Site Selection Using Analytical Hierarchy Process for Northwest Turkey
Caceoğlu, Eray; Yıldız, Hatice Kübra; Oğuz, Elif; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Guerrero, Josep M. (2022-04-01)
This study presents a quantitative methodology for offshore wind power plant site selection in Northwest Turkey usingGeographical Information Systems(GIS) andAnalytical Hierarchy Process, which is one of the Multi-Criteria...
Effects of Fines Content and Plasticity on Index Properties and Hydraulic Conductivity of Coarse-Fine Mixtures
Ekici, Anıl; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Akgüner, Cem (2022-02-01)
Ten coarse-fine mixtures (CFM) (intermediate soils) having fines contents (FC) of 0%, 12%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and plasticity indices (PI) of 5% and 15% were prepared in the laboratory by mixing different fractions of gravel, s...
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