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Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology
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Design Specifications of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Apps for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
POLAT, Hamza; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2023-01-01)
The literature has emphasized the positive impact of mobile technologies with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) apps for enhancing the functional communication skills of individuals with autism spectrum diso...
An engagement and motivation model for online learning technologies
BULUT, İBRAHİM HAKKI; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2022-12-01)
The aim of this study is to construct a technology model, named as Online Learning Technology Engagement Model (OLTEM), to enhance our understanding in the adoption of an online learning technology. The study suggests a mo...
Open-Ended Tasks Promote Creativity in Minecraft
Fan, Yue; Lane, H. Chad; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2022-01-01)
Due in part to its flexibility and open design, the video game Minecraft has emerged as a popular tool for teaching and learning. Inspired by prior research showing the influence of problem-solving mindsets in physical set...
The Effects of Mathematics on Programming Skills and its Retention: An Experimental Study
Altın, Rukiye; Tokel, Saniye Tuğba; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2021-10-01)
The focus on Computer Science Education at the K-12 level has been increasingly highlighted due to today’s need for a populace with computational thinking skills, in addition to the expansion of careers related to computin...
English Language Preservice Teachers\u2019 Stages of Concern for Web 2.0 Technology Integration
Kayaduman, Halil; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2021-06-01)
This study explores the English Language preservice teachers (PST)’ stages of concern (SoC) for Web 2.0 technology integration in the Learning Technology by Design (LBD) based course. It aims to identify and better underst...
Proctored vs Unproctored Online Exams in Language Courses: A Comparative Study
Celikbag, Mehmet Ali; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2021-01-01)
This study investigates online exams of online language courses at a distance education center of a public university in Turkey. Causal comparative research design was followed to examine issues in online language courses ...
Öğrenme Güçlüğünde Teknoloji Kullanımı Üzerine Sistematik Bir İnceleme
Doğan, Sibel; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2020-09-01)
Bu çalışma, öğrenme güçlüğü (ÖG) olan bireyleri desteklemek için teknolojiyi kullanma konusundaki araştırmaçalışmalarının sistematik bir alanyazın taramasıdır. Çalışmanın amacı; (1) öğrenme güçlüğünde teknolojiyikullanan m...
Introduction of educational technology engagement model
Bulut, İbrahim Hakkı; Delialioğlu, Ömer (Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education; 2019-11-19)
This paper proposes an educational technology adoption model considering the limitations of traditional technology adoption models. Based on the model, the authors develop a questionnaire, in which the items are derived fr...
A Turkish EFL teacher’s change processes through an OPD program: A case study
Songül, Behice Ceyda; Delialioğlu, Ömer; Özköse Bıyık, Çağrı (null; 2019-11-19)
In this paper, we present an analysis of the change processes of a Turkish EFL teacher who participated in an Online Professional Development (OPD) program that included online lesson study procedure and webinars. The aim ...
The effect of augmented reality activities on improving preschool children’s spatial skills
Gecü Parmaksız, Zeynep; Delialioğlu, Ömer (Informa UK Limited, 2019-11-01)
This study compares the effect of Augmented Reality (AR) based virtual manipulatives to physical manipulatives for teaching geometric shapes to preschool children to improve their spatial skills. A quasi-experimental resea...
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