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Department of Computer Engineering
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Augmented Paths and Reodesics for Topologically-Stable Matching
Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Horsman, Devin (2023-04-01)
We propose a fully-automatic method that computes from scratch pointto-point dense correspondences between isometric shapes under topological noise. While relying on pairwise distance preservation constraints is common and...
3D point cloud classification with ACGAN-3D and VACWGAN-GP
Ergun, Onur; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2023-01-01)
Machine learning and deep learning techniques are widely used to make sense of 3D point cloud data which became ubiquitous and important due to the recent advances in 3D scanning technologies and other sensors. In this wor...
A data-centric unsupervised 3D mesh segmentation method
Sivri, Talya Tümer; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2023-01-01)
In this paper, a novel data-centric approach is proposed for solving the 3D mesh segmentation problem. The method uses node2vec, a semi-supervised learning algorithm, to create vector embedding representations for each nod...
Deep generation of 3D articulated models and animations from 2D stick figures
Akman, Alican; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Sezgin, T. Metin (2022-12-01)
Generating 3D models from 2D images or sketches is a widely studied important problem in computer graphics. We describe the first method to generate a 3D human model from a single sketched stick figure. In contrast to the ...
3D Shape Deformation Using Stick Figures
Seylan, Çağlar; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2022-10-01)
Obtaining new poses of an articulated character is a critical task in computer graphics. We address this issue with a new shape deformation approach consisting of two phases enabling the user to express the new pose as a s...
Scale-Adaptive ICP
Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Kavan, Ladislav (2021-07-01)
We present a new scale-adaptive ICP (Iterative Closest Point) method which aligns two objects that differ by rigid transformations (translations and rotations) and uniform scaling. The motivation is that input data may com...
Part-based data-driven 3D shape interpolation
Aydinlilar, Melike; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2021-07-01)
An active problem in digital geometry processing is shape interpolation which aims to generate a continuous sequence of in-betweens for a given source and target shape. Unlike traditional approaches that interpolate source...
Human body reconstruction from limited number of points
Tastan, Oguzhan; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2021-04-01)
We propose a novel approach for reconstructing plausible three-dimensional (3D) human body models from small number of 3D points which represent body parts. We leverage a database of 3D models of humans varying from each o...
Voxel transformation: scalable scene geometry discretization for global illumination
Yalciner, Bora; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-10-01)
In real-time computer graphics, efficient discretization of scenes is required in order to accelerate graphics related algorithms such as realistic rendering with indirect illumination and visibility checking. Sparse voxel...
Recent advances in shape correspondence
Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-01)
Important new developments have appeared since the most recent direct survey on shape correspondence published almost a decade ago. Our survey covers the period from 2011, their stopping point, to 2019, inclusive. The goal...
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