Aybora Köksal

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Improved Hard Example Mining Approach for Single Shot Object Detectors
Köksal, Aybora; Tuzcuoğlu, Önder; Ince, Kutalmiş Gökalp; Ataseven, Yoldaş; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2022-10-18)
Hard example mining methods generally improve the performance of the object detectors, which suffer from imbalanced training sets. In this work, two existing hard example mining approaches (LRM and focal loss, FL) are adap...
Semi-Automatic Annotation For Visual Object Tracking
Köksal, Aybora; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2021-11-24)
We propose a semi-automatic bounding box annotation method for visual object tracking by utilizing temporal information with a tracking-by-detection approach. For detection, we use an off-the-shelf object detector which is...
Effect of Annotation Errors on Drone Detection with YOLOv3
Köksal, Aybora; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2020-07-28)
Following the recent advances in deep networks, object detection and tracking algorithms with deep learning backbones have been improved significantly; however, this rapid development resulted in the necessity of large amo...
Spectrum compression
Köksal, Aybora; Oruç, Özgür (2018-07-09)
With recent technological developments in electronic warfare systems, there is an increase in the usage of data which should be transmitted. Due to the insufficiency in the system throughput, some problems such as latency ...
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