Corry Michael Shores

Department of Philosophy
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Who’s the Real Paul Masson? Personal Non-Identity in Deleuze’s Orson Welles
Shores, Corry Michael (2021-02-01)
The Logic of Gilles Deleuze: Basic Principles
Shores, Corry Michael (Bloomsbury Press, 2021-01-01)
French philosopher Gilles Deleuze wrote two 'logic' books: Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation and The Logic of Sense. However, in neither of these books nor in any other works does Deleuze articulate in a formal way...
Instantaneous Consciousness of Time: Reconsidering Dainton’s Model of the Specious Present in the Context of Husserl’s and Broad’s Models
Shores, Corry Michael (2020-12-01)
In his book The Stream of Consciousness, Barry Dainton proposes his “overlap model” to explain the phenomenon of continuous time without succumbing to the problems of previous models, such as the ones by Edmund Husse...
From Rhythm to Glitch: Digital Deformation in Deleuze
Shores, Corry Michael (2020-03-01)
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Affirmations of the False and Bifurcations of the True: Deleuze’s Dialetheic and Stoic Fatalism
Shores, Corry Michael (Routledge, London/New York , 2019-01-01)
In Deleuze’s treatments of Nietzsche’s amor fati and of Stoic fatalism, we find a temporal structure that couples logically incompatible elements, namely, chance and destiny in the first case and will and fate in the secon...
The primacy of falsity deviant origins in Deleuze
Shores, Corry Michael (2019-01-01)
Deleuze's notion of the powers of the false is central to his philosophy of truth and becoming, but it is also one of his most complexly elaborated ideas, with its various diverging conceptual dimensions inviting further a...
What Is It Like To Become a Rat? Animal Phenomenology through Uexkull and Deleuze & Guattari
Shores, Corry Michael (2017-01-01)
We respond to a phenomenological challenge set forth in Thomas Nagel's "What Is It Like To Be a Bat?," namely, to seek a method for obtaining a phenomenological description of non-human animal experience faithful to an ani...
The Minor Machinery of Animal Packs: Becoming as Survival in Spiegelman's Maus
Shores, Corry Michael (2017-01-01)
Difference and Repetition, An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide
Shores, Corry Michael (2016-10-01)
Cinematic Signs and the Phenomenology of Time: Deleuze and the Visual Experience of Temporal Depth
Shores, Corry Michael (2016-01-01)
By means of Vivian Sobchack's semiotic film phenomenology, we may examine our immediate perceptual acts in film experience in order to determine the ways that the primordial language of embodied existence found at this pri...
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