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Approximation of sell-out probability to estimate expected marginal value of capacity
Selçuk, Ahmet Melih; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (Elsevier BV, 2020-01-01)
© 2020 Elsevier LtdIn this study, the dynamic pricing problem is considered for single-leg airline revenue management. The dynamic programming formulation given for this problem is expressed in terms of the expected margin...
Dynamic pricing in airline revenue management
Selcuk, Ahmet Melih; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (2019-10-15)
In this study, an exact Dynamic Programming formulation is developed for price based revenue management in the airline industry. Structural properties of the optimal pricing policy are presented first. Then, the optimal po...
Alternative risk-averse approaches for airline network revenue management
Terciyanli, Erman; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (Elsevier BV, 2019-05-01)
In this study, seat inventory control is considered for airline networks. Alternative optimization models are proposed for risk-averse decision makers by incorporating the following measure: lower-semideviation of revenue ...
An integrated day-ahead market clearing model: Incorporating paradoxically rejected/accepted orders and a case study
YORUKOGLU, Sinan; Avşar, Zeynep Müge; Kat, Bora (2018-10-01)
In the electricity day-ahead markets (DAMs), market participants place their orders in the form of desired/accepted price levels for the submitted quantities. The market operator evaluates these orders and announces the cl...
Rüzgar Enerjisi Santrallerine Entegre Pompaj Depolamalı HES Tesislerinin Eniyilemesi ve Benzetimi
Terciyanlı, Erman; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (2015-09-09)
Türkiye Gün Öncesi Elektrik Piyasası Dengelemesi için Matematiksel Modelleme ve Çözüm Yaklaşımları
Yörükoğlu, Sinan; Avşar, Zeynep Müge; Kat, Bora (2015-09-09)
Türkiye Elektrik Piyasası’nda, elektrik ticaretinin büyük bir kısmı uzun dönemli İkili Anlaşmalar vasıtasıile yapılmakta, bu anlaşmalar sonrasında oluşan kısa süreli dengesizlikler ise başta Gün ÖncesiPiyasası olmak üzere,...
Approximate queueing models for capacitated multi-stage inventory systems under base-stock control
Avşar, Zeynep Müge (Elsevier BV, 2014-07-01)
A queueing analysis is presented for base-stock controlled multi-stage production-inventory systems with capacity constraints. The exact queueing model is approximated by replacing some state-dependent conditional probabil...
Rüzgâr gücü üretimi için tahmin ve teklif sistemi tasarımı
Aksoy, Semih Ali; Eryiğit, Emre; Hashimova, Narmin; İşbilir, Melike; Avşar, Zeynep Müge; Köksal, Gülser; Terciyanlı, Erman (2013-12-01)
Wind energy has become an important field of study recently, especially in the countries having high potential of wind energy production such as Turkey. Among these studies, forecasting wind power production and choosing a...
Optimal Policy Structure for Risk-Sensitive Airline Revenue Management
Tavaslıoğlu, Onur; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (2013-07-01)
Dynamic Pricing – A Model with Stockout Probability
Selçuk, Ahmet Melih; Avşar, Zeynep Müge (null; 2013-06-26)
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