Steady-state modeling of a phase-shift PWM parallel resonant converter

Iskender, Ires
Uctug, Yildurum
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent
Purpose - To derive an analytical model for a dc-ac-dc parallel resonant converter operating in lagging power factor mode based on the steady-state operation conditions and considering the effects of a high-frequency transformer.


Performance Evaluation and Selection of PWM Switching and Control Methods for Grid Connected Modular Multilevel Converters
Ciftci, Baris; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2015-09-24)
This paper focuses on the determination of suitable carrier based pulse width modulation (PWM) switching and control methods for grid connected modular multilevel converters (MMCs). Characterization of various level-shifted and phase-shifted carrier based PWM methods are provided in terms of output voltage waveforms both for N+1 and 2N+1 level output phase voltages. Carrier based PWM method based control approaches are evaluated for MMC. Performances of different control methods are evaluated and compared f...
Active clamped ZVS forward converter with soft-switched synchronous rectifier for maximum efficiency operation
Acik, A; Cadirci, I (1998-05-22)
An active-clamped, zero-voltage switched forward converter equipped with a soft-switched synchronous rectifier is designed and implemented for some low output voltage applications where maximized efficiency is of utmost importance. The converter efficiency is maximized due to soft-switching of the main, active clamp and the synchronous rectifier MOSFET switches. Experimental results are presented for a converter with a de input voltage of 48V, an output voltage of 5V and a de electronic load up to 10A. The ...
Cetin, A.; Ermiş, Muammer (2007-09-27)
This paper describes the design, implementation and performance of a medium-size distribution type static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM) with the simplest 2-level, 3-leg VSC topology. Reactive power control is achieved by phase-shift-angle control, and voltage source converter (VSC) harmonics arc eliminated by selective harmonic elimination method (SHEM) technique. VSC has been designed at the highest low-voltage level of 1 kV, and connected to medium-voltage (MV) bus through a low-pass input filter an...
A Detailed Power Loss Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converter
Erturk, Feyzullah; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2015-03-19)
This paper thoroughly examines the semiconductor power loss characteristics of modular multilevel converters (MMC). Power loss behavior is examined under different pulse width modulation (PWM) methods and operating conditions. The effects of stored energy level, circulating current control utilization, power factor and submodule voltage balancing method on power loss are studied. Furthermore, unbalanced power losses and specific semiconductor stresses within a submodule are visualized by investigating the l...
DSP microcontroller-based fuzzy control of a DC/DC parallel resonant converter using phase-shift PWM technique
Iskender, Ires; Uctug, Yildirim; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2006-01-01)
Purpose - To analyze the operating performance of an ac-dc-ac-dc PWM parallel resonant converter operating at lagging power factor mode controlled based on fuzzy logic control method.
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I. Iskender, Y. Uctug, and H. B. Ertan, “Steady-state modeling of a phase-shift PWM parallel resonant converter,” COMPEL-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR COMPUTATION AND MATHEMATICS IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, pp. 883–899, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: