Timing of post-collisional H-type to A-type granitic magmatism: U-Pb titanite ages from the Alpine central Anatolian granitoids (Turkey)

The last stages of the continental collision during the closure of the Neotethyan ocean in central Anatolia are characterized by post-collisional H- and A-type granitoids intruding both the metamorphic country rocks and allochthonous ophiolitic rocks of the central Anatolian crystalline complex. Available Rb - Sr and K - Ar whole-rock and mineral age data on the Hand A-type granitoids in central Anatolia are inconsistent. To better constrain the geological relevance and the timing of the change in the chemical character of magmatism in the wake of the Alpine orogeny in Anatolia, we re-evaluated the geochemical characteristics and dated titanite from representative H- (Baranadag quartzmonzonite: BR) and A-type ( C, amsari quartz-syenite: CS) granitoids by the U - Pb method. BR is a high-K calc-alkaline intrusion with mafic microgranular enclaves and shows enrichment of LILE relative to HFSE. The alkaline CS displays higher SiO2, Na2O+ K2O, Fe/ Mg, Rb, Th and HFSE with corresponding depletion in CaO, MgO, Fe2O3tot, P2O5, Ba, Sr, and Ti. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns of the BR and CS samples have LREE-enriched and flat HREE patterns, whereas CS differs from BR by higher LREE enrichment and lower MREE and HREE contents. Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics suggest that BR and CS were not products of the same magma source. BR was derived from a subduction-modified depleted hybrid-source and CS had an enriched mantle source with significant crustal contribution. The U - Pb titanite ages of the H-type central Anatolian granitoids ( BR) and the A-type granitoids ( CS) are 74.0 +/- 2.8 and 74.1 +/- 0.7 Ma, respectively. The coeval evolution of post-collisional/ calc-alkaline H- to A-type magmatism was possibly associated with source heterogeneity and variable involvement of continental materials during the evolution of these granitoids. These new age data constrain the timing of the onset of a post-collision extensional period following the Alpine thickening within the passive margin of the Tauride - Anatolide platform, which occurred before the opening of the latest Cretaceous central Anatolian basins.
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S. Koksal, R. Romer, M. C. Göncüoğlu, and F. Toksoy Köksal, “Timing of post-collisional H-type to A-type granitic magmatism: U-Pb titanite ages from the Alpine central Anatolian granitoids (Turkey),” pp. 974–989, 2004, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/30867.