Preface to the special issue on "1st International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion ((ESC)-E-m-IS 2015)"



Introduction to the special issue of the Consortium of Organizations for Strong Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS) international guidelines for applying noninvasive geophysical techniques to characterize seismic site conditions
Yong, Alan; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Cassidy, John; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Parolai, Stefano; Pilz, Marco; Stephenson, William (2022-08-01)
Preface of the special issue OR: connecting sciences supported by global optimization related to the 25th European conference on operational research (EURO XXV 2012)
Bagirov, Adil; Miettinen, Kaisa; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2014-09-01)
Introduction to the Special Issue on Fuzzy Analytics and Stochastic Methods in Neurosciences
Kropat, E.; Turkay, M.; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-01-01)
The papers in this special section examine the use of fuzzy analytics and stochastic methods in the field of neuroscience. Recent theoretical and technological advancements provide new and deeper insights into the fundamental mechanisms of information processing in the neural system. This important process is accompanied by the tremendous rise of experimental data, which are waiting for further exploration. Modern methodologies and tools from neuroimaging, brain imaging, optogenetic devices, and in vitro an...
Introduction to Special Issue: 25Years of Autonomy on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast: Cultural Diversity and Governance in Indigenous Regions of Latin America
Baracco, Luciano; Gonzalez, Miguel (Wiley, 2016-07-01)
Introduction to "Tsunamis in the World Ocean: Past, Present, and Future. Volume I"
Satake, Kenji; Rabinovich, Alexander; Kanoğlu, Utku; Tinti, Stefano (2011-06-01)
Eighteen papers are included in Volume 1 of a PAGEOPH topical issue Tsunamis in the World Ocean: Past, Present, and Future. These papers are briefly introduced. They are grouped into three categories: case studies of earthquake-generated tsunamis; tsunami forecast and hazard assessments; and theoretical and computational modeling of tsunami generation, propagation, and coastal behavior. Most of the papers were presented at the 24th International Tsunami Symposium held 14-16 July 2009 in Novosibirsk, Russia,...
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