Integrated FEM/BEM approach to the dynamic and acoustic analysis of plate structures

Kopuz, S
Ünlüsoy, Yavuz Samim
Caliskan, M
An integrated finite element/boundary element method approach to the prediction of the interior acoustic radiation of open ended box structures is presented. Dynamic response of the structure is predicted in terms of the nodal displacements under sinusoidal point force excitation using the finite element method. Theoretical results obtained in terms of frequency response functions are verified using the results from tests performed on a box structure. The interior acoustic field is then examined by the boundary element method using the boundary conditions obtained from the finite element analysis. Sound pressure levels produced inside the structure are calculated and the results are compared with the experimental measurements. Copyright (C) 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd


Multiscale Modeling of Thin-Wire Coupling Problems Using Hybridization of Finite Element and Dipole Moment Methods and GPU Acceleration
ÖZGÜN, ÖZLEM; Mittra, Raj; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa (2020-01-01)
In this article, a hybrid numerical method, called finite element method (FEM) + dipole moment (DM), is presented for efficient solution of multiscale electromagnetic radiation and scattering problems that involve structures with fine features, such as thin-wire antennas or objects. In this method, the FEM is hybridized with the DM approach to help ease certain computational burdens, such as mesh refinement, ill-conditioning, memory overload, and long computation times, when solving multiscale problems with...
A new boundary element method formulation for the forward problem solution of electro-magnetic source imaging
Tanzer, IO; Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (1997-11-02)
Numerical solution of the potential and magnetic fields far a given electrical source distribution in the human brain is the essential part of electro-magnetic source imaging. In this study, the performance of Boundary Element Method (BEM) with different surface element types is explored. A new BEM formulation is derived that makes use of isoparametric linear and quadratic elements. It is shown that, quadratic elements provides superior performance over linear elements in terms of computation time and accur...
A Novel Numerical Technique for Analyzing Metasurfaces
ÖZGÜN, ÖZLEM; Mittra, Raj; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa (2019-12-31)
This work presents a novel technique for efficient numerical modeling of electromagnetic scattering from metasurfaces comprising of truncated periodic or locally-varying quasi-periodic surfaces. The proposed technique hybridizes the periodic Finite Element Method (FEM) with the Method of Moments (MoM) to develop an algorithm far more efficient than conventional numerical methods for electromagnetic scattering from arbitrary objects. The key feature of the proposed algorithm is that it takes advantage of the...
Dynamic analysis of beams with breathing crack using finite element method
Özkan, Berkay; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2017)
Non-linear dynamic characteristics of a beam with a breathing crack are investigated using finite element method. This thesis has two main objectives: (1) to obtain a foresight for the vibration based crack detection by using finite element method (2) to investigate the effects of crack location, crack depth, excitation frequency, excitation amplitude and boundary conditions on the indications of crack presence. Two dimensional finite element approach is used to model a square cross sectional beam subjected...
BEM solution of MHD flow in a pipe coupled with magnetic induction of exterior region
Tezer, Münevver (2013-05-01)
In this paper, numerical solutions are presented for the MHD flow in a pipe surrounded by an electrically conducting medium, and under the influence of a transverse magnetic field. The boundary element method is used which discretizes only the pipe wall and is suitable for the infinite exterior region. Coupled MHD equations for the velocity and induced magnetic field inside the pipe, and the induced magnetic field equation for the outside medium are solved simultaneously taking into account also coupled bou...
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S. Kopuz, Y. S. Ünlüsoy, and M. Caliskan, “Integrated FEM/BEM approach to the dynamic and acoustic analysis of plate structures,” ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS, pp. 269–277, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: