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Cross-hairs: a scatterplot for meta-analysis in R

Brannick, Michael T.
Gültaş, Mehmet
We describe a meta-analytic scatterplot that indicates precision of points for two variables paired within studies; this is equivalent in form to a 'cross-hairs' plot used to portray specificity and sensitivity in diagnostic testing. At the user's discretion, the plot also displays boxplots for each of the X and Y variable distributions, means for each of the variables, and the correlation between the two. The cross-hairs may be suppressed for dense point clouds. The program is written in R, so it can be modified by the user and can serve as a companion to existing meta-analysis programs. Some of the program's novel uses are described and illustrated with (1) independent effect sizes, (2) dependent effect sizes, and (3) shrunken estimates. Copyright (C) 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.