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Performance of DOM and IDA with different angular discretization methods in 3-D absorbing-emitting-scattering media

Ozen, Guzide
Selçuk, Nevin
Predicted accuracy and computationally efficiency of Discrete Ordinates Method (DOM) and Improved Differential Approximation (IDA) were evaluated by applying both methods to cubical enclosure problems containing purely isotropically/linearly anisotropically scattering/absorbing-emitting-isotropically scattering medium and comparing their predictions with benchmark solutions available in the literature. Performances of DOM and IDA with S-8, S-10 and T-4 quadratures were assessed by comparing their predictions against benchmark solutions. DOM with S-8 and IDA with T-4 were found to provide more accurate and efficient solutions compared to other discretization schemes. However, overall comparisons reveal that DOM S-8 produces higher accuracy and computational efficiency than IDA T-4 on all test problems under consideration. (C) 2012 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.