Atmospheric trace element concentrations over the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Factors affecting temporal variability

Olmez, I
Aygun, S
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal
Concentrations of elements and ions were measured in aerosol samples collected between March 1992 and December 1993 at a rural station on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Concentrations of pollution-derived elements are lower than corresponding concentrations reported for the western Mediterranean region, due to the longer distances traveled by the particles to reach the eastern Mediterranean region. Concentrations of elements vary on timescales ranging from days to seasons. Short-term variations in the concentrations of pollution-derived elements are explained by transport from source regions. Short-term variations in the concentrations of seasalt and crustal elements, on the other hand, are due to the episodic nature of wind-induced particle generation mechanisms. Transport failed to explain long-term variations due to lack of seasonal changes in air mass transport patterns. The seasonal variations in the concentrations of anthropogenic elements are determined by the wet deposition of particles, which is more extensive in the wet season, and distances between source regions and the sampling Site. The long-term variations in the concentrations of crustal and sea-salt elements are explained by seasonal changes in their source strengths, Distant rains on the path of the air masses which transport anthropogenic particles to the eastern Mediterranean are more influential on the observed seasonal behavior of pollution-derived elements than local rain events.


Atmospheric deposition of inorganic phosphorus in the Levantine Basin, eastern Mediterranean: Spatial and temporal variability and its role in seawater productivity
Markaki, Z; Oikonomou, K; Koçak, Mustafa; Kouvarakis, G; Chaniotaki, A; Kubilay, N; Mihalopoulos, N (2003-07-01)
Total and dissolved inorganic phosphorus (IP) was measured in both rainwater and aerosol samples collected from two remote coastal areas: on the island of Crete (Greece) and at Erdemli (Turkey). Particle size distributions of P, as well as total deposition were also measured. Wet and dry deposition of dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP) from Crete are compared with simultaneously obtained dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and with productivity data from the literature. Our results indicate that (1) in bot...
Atmospheric trace element and major ion concentrations over the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Identification of anthropogenic source regions
GÜLLÜ, GÜLEN; DOĞAN, GÜRAY; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (2005-11-01)
Concentrations of elements and ions measured in aerosol samples collected from March 1992 to the end of December 1993 were investigated to identify source regions affecting chemical composition of aerosols in the eastern Mediterranean atmosphere. Collected samples were analyzed for approximately 40 elements and ions using a combination of atomic absorption spectrometry, instrumental neutron activation analysis, ion chromatography and colorimetry. Statistical techniques, such as enrichment factors and a non-...
Chemical composition of Eastern Mediterranean aerosol and precipitation: Indications of long-range transport
Almomani, Idrees; GÜLLÜ, GÜLEN; Ölmez, İlhan; ELER, ÜNAL; Ortel, E; Şirin, Gürol; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (1997-01-01)
Daily aerosol and wet-only precipitation samples were collected, between January 1992 and January 1994 at a permanent station established on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Collected aerosol and rain samples were analyzed for major ions and a host of trace elements using a combination of analytical techniques, including ion chromatography, atomic absorbtion spectrometry and instrumental neutron activation analysis. The results have demonstrated;hat concentrations of parameters studied are higher than cor...
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Koçak, Mustafa; TUĞRUL, SÜLEYMAN; Mihalopoulos, N (2010-01-01)
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Ground-based assessment of Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) data for dust transport over the northeastern Mediterranean
Kubilay, N; Oguz, T; Koçak, Mustafa; Torres, O (2005-03-16)
[ 1] Multiyear daily surface aerosol aluminum ( Al) concentration and sunphotometer measurements at Erdemli ( Turkey) sampling station were used to assess the performance of Absorbing Aerosol Index ( AAI) and Aerosol Optical Thickness ( AOT) retrieved from the daily Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer ( TOMS) over the northeastern Mediterranean. A total of 98 moderate- to- high intensity dust events with durations from 1 day to 1 week were identified by aerosol Al concentrations and/ or TOMS- AAI above their t...
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G. GÜLLÜ, I. Olmez, S. Aygun, and S. G. Tuncel, “Atmospheric trace element concentrations over the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Factors affecting temporal variability,” JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, pp. 21943–21954, 1998, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: