Indecomposable (1,3)-Groups and a matrix problem

Arnold, David M.
Mader, Adolf
Mutzbauer, Otto
Solak, Ebru
Almost completely decomposable groups with a critical typeset of type (1, 3) and a p-primary regulator quotient are studied. It is shown that there are, depending on the exponent of the regulator quotient p (k) , either no indecomposables if k a (c) 1/2 2; only six near isomorphism types of indecomposables if k = 3; and indecomposables of arbitrary large rank if k a (c) 3/4 4.
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D. M. Arnold, A. Mader, O. Mutzbauer, and E. Solak, “Indecomposable (1,3)-Groups and a matrix problem,” pp. 307–355, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: