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A new blue light emitting and electrochromic polyfluorene derivative for display applications

Carbas, Buket Bezgin
Asil Alptekin, Demet
Friend, Richard H.
Önal, Ahmet Muhtar
A novel blue emitting and electro-chromic conjugated copolymer based on 9,9'dioctylfluorene (F8) and spiro(fluorene- 9,9'-xanthene) (SFX) has been prepared. Optical, photophysical and electrochemical characterizations are given for the synthesized polymer; poly[spirofluorene-co-9,9'dioctylfluorene] P(F8-SFX). Switching of the corresponding polymer between yellow and purple states is demonstrated, and blue emission with Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage (CIE) coordinate at (0.19, 0.15) is obtained from PLED device. The addition of a thin polymer interlayer ((F8) (0.5)-(TFB)(0.5)) is further investigated to maintain color purity. Furthermore, all polymer electrochromic device (ECD) based on P(F8-SFX) and poly(ethylene dioxythiophene) (PEDOT) was constructed. Spectroelectrochemistry and switching ability of the device were also investigated by UV-vis spectroscopy.