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In vivo biosensing via tissue-localizable near-infrared-fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes
Iverson, Nicole M.; Barone, Paul W.; Shandell, Mia; Trudel, Laura J.; Sen, Selda; Sen, Fatih; Ivanov, Vsevolod; Atolia, Esha; Farias, Edgardo; McNicholas, Thomas P.; Reuel, Nigel; Parry, Nicola M. A.; Wogan, Gerald N.; Strano, Michael S. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-11-01)
Single-walled carbon nanotubes are particularly attractive for biomedical applications, because they exhibit a fluorescent signal in a spectral region where there is minimal interference from biological media. Although sin...
Flavin as a photo-active acceptor for efficient energy and charge transfer in a model donor-acceptor system
Yu, Xi; Eymur, Serkan; Singh, Vijay; Yang, Boqian; Tonga, Murat; Bheemaraju, Amarnath; Cooke, Graeme; Subramani, Chandramouleeswaran; Venkataraman, Dhandapani; Stanley, Robert J.; Rotello, Vincent M. (2012-01-01)
A donor-acceptor dyad model system using a flavin moiety as a photo-active acceptor has been synthesized for an energy and photo-induced electron transfer study. The photophysical investigations of the dyad revealed a mult...
Excess Thermopower and the Theory of Thermopower Waves
Abrahamson, Joel T.; Sempere, Bernat; Walsh, Michael P.; Forman, Jared M.; Sen, Fatih; Sen, Selda; Mahajan, Sayalee G.; Paulus, Geraldine L. C.; Wang, Qing Hua; Choi, Wonjoon; Strano, Michael S. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013-08-01)
Self propagating exothermic chemical reactions can generate electrical pulses when guided along a conductive conduit such as a carbon nanotube. However, these thermopower waves are not described bran existing theory to exp...
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer in recognition-mediated polymer-quantum dot assemblies
Nandwana, Vikas; Fitzpatrick, Brian; Liu, Qian; Solntsev, Kyril M.; Yu, Xi; Tonga, Guelen Yesilbag; Eymur, Serkan; Tonga, Murat; Cooke, Graeme; Rotello, Vincent M. (2012-11-01)
We have demonstrated fluorescence resonance energy transfer facilitated by recognition mediated assembly of quantum dots and a tailor-made fluorescent polymer.
Application of Nanoparticle Antioxidants to Enable Hyperstable Chloroplasts for Solar Energy Harvesting
Boghossian, Ardemis A.; Sen, Fatih; Gibbons, Brenna M.; Sen, Selda; Faltermeier, Sean M.; Giraldo, Juan Pablo; Zhang, Cathy T.; Zhang, Jingqing; Heller, Daniel A.; Strano, Michael S. (Wiley, 2013-07-01)
The chloroplast contains densely stacked arrays of light-harvesting proteins that harness solar energy with theoretical maximum glucose conversion efficiencies approaching 12%. Few studies have explored isolated chloroplas...
Determination of Arsenobetaine in Fish Tissue by Species Specific Isotope Dilution LC-LTQ-Orbitrap-MS and Standard Addition LC-ICPMS
Yang, Lu; Ding, Jianfu; Maxwell, Paulette; McCooeye, Margaret; Windust, Anthony; Ouerdane, Laurent; Bakirdere, Sezgin; Willie, Scott; Mester, Zoltan (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2011-05-01)
An accurate and precise method for the determination of arsenobetaine (AsB, (CH(3))(3)(+)AsCH(2)COO(-)) in fish samples using exact matching species specific isotope dilution (ID) liquid chromatography LTQ:Orbitrap mass sp...
Recent advances in the synthesis and applications of inorganic polymer
Pitcher, Michael W.; Arslan, Yasin; Edinc, Pelin; Hartal, Muejgan; Masjedi, Mehdi; Metin, Oender; Sen, Fatih; Tuerkarslan, Oezlem; Yigitsoy, Basak (Informa UK Limited, 2007-12-01)
Polymers are ubiquitous in modern society. They are used in a variety of appli-cations, ranging from sophisticated - such as electronics - to relatively simple ones like packaging. Inorganic polymers often have certain adv...
Fluorine determination in human and animal bones by particle-induced gamma-ray emission
Sastri, CS; Iyengar, V; Blondiaux, G; Tessier, Y; Petri, H; Hoffmann, P; Aras, NK; Zaichick, V; Ortner, HM (2001-08-01)
Fluorine was determined in the iliac crest bones of patients and in ribs collected from post-mortem investigations by particle-induced gamma-ray emission based on the (19)F(p,p ' gamma)(19)F reaction, using 2.0/2.5 MeV pro...
Rotational and translational diffusion of a rodlike virus in random coil polymer solutions
Cush, R; Russo, PS; Kucukyavuz, Z; Bu, ZM; Neau, D; Shih, D; Kucukyavuz, S; Ricks, H (1997-08-25)
Depolarized dynamic light scattering was used to measure the translational and rotational diffusion of tobacco mosaic virus, TMV, in aqueous solutions of dextran (M similar to 505 000). TMV is an electrically charged, nucl...
Solid-State Emissive BODIPY Dyes with Bulky Substituents As Spacers
Ozdemir, Tugba; Atilgan, Serdar; Kutuk, Ilker; YILDIRIM, LEYLA; Tulek, Abdullah; BAYINDIR, MEHMET; AKKAYA, Engin Umut (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2009-05-21)
Bright fluorescence of the BODIPY dyes, just like most other fluorophores, is quenched in the solid state due to reabsorption and self-quenching. However, introduction of bulky tert-butyl substituents on the meso-phenyl gr...