Ezgi Budak

Department of Civil Engineering
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Coherent Structures in a Sharply Curved Bend with a Spur Dike at Different Configurations
Köken, Mete; Budak, Ezgi (null; 2018-06-04)
Coherent structures in a sharply curved bend with and without a spur dike.
Köken, Mete; Budak, Ezgi (null; 2017-08-18)
: Results of three-dimensional (3D) Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) are used to investigate the changes in flow and large-scale coherent structures within a high-curvature open channel, with and without an isolated spur dik...
Comparison between RANS and DES model in a Highly-Curved Channel with an Isolated Spur-Dike.
Budak, Ezgi; Köken, Mete (null; 2017-05-10)
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