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Effects of frying parameters on the colour development of fried potatoes

The effects of frying time and temperature on the colour development of potatoes during frying was studied. Potato disks 0.025 m in diameter and 0.005 m thick were used. Sunflower oil was used as a frying medium at temperatures 150 degrees C, 160 degrees C, 170 degrees C and 180 degrees C. Colour parameters of Hunter L and b values followed first-order reaction kinetics during frying. The temperature dependence of the rate constants for Hunter L and b values showed good agreement with Arrhenius relation, the activation energies, Ea, being equal to 22.67 kcal/mol and 17.13 kcal/mol, respectively. Hunter a value increased as frying time and/or temperature increased. A multiple regression equation was developed for total colour change as a function of time and temperature. The increase in time and temperature increased total colour change.