Fluorescence excitation by enhanced plasmon upconversion under continuous wave illumination

Taşgın, Mehmet Emre
Salakhutdinov, Ildar
Kendziora, Dania
Abak, Musa Kurtuluş
Turkpence, Deniz
Piantanida, Luca
Fruk, Ljiljana
Lazzarino, Marco
Bek, Alpan
We demonstrate effective background-free continuous wave nonlinear optical excitation of molecules that are sandwiched between asymmetrically constructed plasmonic gold nanoparticle clusters. We observe that near infrared photons are converted to visible photons through efficient plasmonic second harmonic generation. Our theoretical model and simulations demonstrate that Fano resonances may be responsible for being able to observe nonlinear conversion using a continuous wave light source. We show that nonlinearity enhancement of plasmonic nanostructures via coupled quantum mechanical oscillators such as molecules can be several orders larger as compared to their classical counterparts.


Polarization behavior of elastic scattering from a silicon microsphere coupled to an optical fiber
Murib, Mohammed Sharif; Yüce, Emre; Gürlü, Oğuzhan; Serpenguzel, Ali (The Optical Society, 2014-04-01)
The polarization behavior of elastic scattering at 1473 nm is analyzed from a silicon microsphere on an optical fiber half-coupler. The 0.27 nm angular mode spacing of the resonances correlates well with the optical size of the silicon sphere. The spectral linewidths of the resonances are on the order of 10(-3) nm, which corresponds to quality factors on the order of 10(6). The transverse magnetically polarized elastic scattering signal has higher resonance to modulation depth and background ratio than the ...
Nonlinear optical properties of a Woods-Saxon quantum dot under an electric field
AYTEKİN, ÖZLEM; Turgut, Sadi; Unal, V. Ustoglu; Aksahin, E.; Tomak, Mehmet (Elsevier BV, 2013-12-01)
A theoretical study of the effect of the confining potential on the nonlinear optical properties of two dimensional quantum dots is performed. A three-parameter Woods-Saxon potential is used within the density matrix formalism. The control of confinement by three parameters and an applied electric field gives one quite an advantage in studying their effects on the nonlinear properties. The coefficients investigated include the optical rectification, second and third-harmonic generation and the change in the...
Nonlinear intersubband optical absorption of Si delta-doped GaAs under an electric field
Yildirim, Hasan; Tomak, Mehmet (Wiley, 2006-10-01)
We study the nonlinear intersubband optical absorption of a single Si delta-doped GaAs sheet placed in the middle of a GaAs quantum well and subjected to an electric field. The Schrodinger and Poisson equations are solved self-consistently for various electric field strengths. The self-consistent solutions provide us with the correct confining potential, the wave functions, the corresponding subband energies and the subband occupations. The nonlinear optical intersubband absorption spectra are discussed wit...
PL and XPS depth profiling of Si/Al2O3 co-sputtered films and evidence of the formation of silicon nanocrystals
Dogan, I.; Yıldız, İlker; Turan, Raşit (Elsevier BV, 2009-05-08)
We have studied the correlation between light emission and structural properties of silicon nanocrystals formed in Al2O3 matrix by co-sputtering followed by an annealing in the temperature range of 900-1100 degrees C. X-ray diffraction (XRD) experiments revealed the nanocrystal formation which is a function of Si sputtering power and annealing temperature. The chemical structure and atomic compositions of Si, Al, O and their variations with depth from the sample surface have been investigated by X-ray photo...
Radiative damping of whistlers in a dense magnetoactive plasma waveguide
Yilmaz, A; Oke, G; Rukhadze, A; Bilikmen, S (IOP Publishing, 1996-06-01)
The absorption of whistler waves in a magnetized cylindrical plasma due to coupling with oblique Langmuir waves is investigated. Two types of mechanisms exist for whistler absorption. The first one is related to the excitation of Langmuir waves in the volume of the dense plasma and their subsequent absorption due to the electron collisions. The second one is the emission of Langmuir waves outside of the cylindrical plasma when it is surrounded by the rare plasma. The relation between these whistler absorpti...
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M. E. Taşgın et al., “Fluorescence excitation by enhanced plasmon upconversion under continuous wave illumination,” PHOTONICS AND NANOSTRUCTURES-FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, pp. 32–43, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/35117.