Observations of the unidentified TeV gamma-ray source TeV J2032+4130 with the Whipple Observatory 10 m telescope

Konopelko, A.
Atkins, R. W.
Blaylock, G.
Buckley, J. H.
Butt, Y.
Carter-Lewis, D. A.
Celik, O.
Cogan, P.
Chow, Y. C. K.
Cui, W.
Dowdall, C.
Ergin, Tülün
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Gillanders, G. H.
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Jung, I.
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Schroedter, M.
Smith, A. W.
Steele, D.
Syson, A.
Swordy, S. P.
Toner, J. A.
Valcarcel, L.
Vassiliev, V. V.
Wagner, R. G.
Wakely, S. P.
Weekes, T. C.
White, R. J.
Williams, D. A.
Zitzer, B.
We report on observations of the sky region around the unidentified TeV gamma-ray source (TeV J2032+ 4130) carried out with the Whipple Observatory 10 m atmospheric Cerenkov telescope for a total of 65.5 hr between 2003 and 2005. The standard two-dimensional analysis developed by the Whipple collaboration for a stand-alone telescope reveals an excess in the field of view at a pretrial significance level of 6.1 sigma. The measured position of this excess is alpha = 20(h)32(m)27(s), delta = 41 degrees 39'17" (J2000.0). The estimated integral flux for this gamma-ray source is about 8% of the Crab Nebula flux. The data are consistent with a pointlike source. Here we present a detailed description of the standard two-dimensional analysis technique used for the analysis of data taken with the Whipple Observatory 10 m telescope and the results for the TeV J2032+ 4130 campaign. We include a short discussion of the physical mechanisms that may be responsible for the observed gamma-ray emission, based on possible association with known astrophysical objects, in particular, Cygnus OB2.

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A. Konopelko et al. , “Observations of the unidentified TeV gamma-ray source TeV J2032+4130 with the Whipple Observatory 10 m telescope,” ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, vol. 658, no. 2, pp. 1062–1068, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/35522.