Doubly charged Higgsinos at the Tevatron

Demir, Durmus A.
Frank, Mariana
Ghosh, Dilip Kumar
Huitu, Katri
Rai, Santosh Kumar
Turan, İsmail
Several supersymmetric models with extended gauge structures, motivated by either grand unification or by neutrino mass generation, predict light doubly charged Higgsinos. In this work we study the signals of doubly charged Higgsinos at the Tevatron in both pair- and single-production modes, and show that it is possible, especially from the events containing same-sign same-flavor isolated leptons, to disentangle the effects of doubly charged Higgsinos in the Tevatron data.

Citation Formats
D. A. Demir, M. Frank, D. K. Ghosh, K. Huitu, S. K. Rai, and İ. Turan, “Doubly charged Higgsinos at the Tevatron,” PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol. 79, no. 9, pp. 0–0, 2009, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: