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Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on quality parameters of lager beer

Buzrul, S
Alpas, Hami
Bozoglu, F
Unpasteurized lager beer samples from a commercial brewery were treated either by high hydrostatic pressure (HHP; 200, 250, 300, 3SOMPa for 3 and 5min at 20 degrees C) or by conventional heat pasteurization (60 degrees C for 15 min). The main attributes of the beer, such as ethanol content, extract and pH, were not affected by either treatment; however HHP and heat pasteurization affected colour, chill haze, protein sensitivity and bitterness. Change in bitterness was higher in conventional heat pasteurization, but pressures up to 300 MPa had no significant affect on bitterness. Although more studies should be carried out to investigate the effects of HHP treatment on different types of lagers and ales, our results revealed that HHP could be successfully used to process beer, even at temperatures well below those required for heat pasteurization, without affecting some of the quality attributes. (c) 2005 Society of Chemical Industry