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Spouted bed and microwave-assisted spouted bed drying of parboiled wheat

The effect of spouted Led and microwave-assisted spouted bed drying on drying rates of parboiled wheat was investigated. In addition, the effective moisture diffusivities of parboiled wheat were calculated. The drying experiments were performed using 200 g of parboiled wheat, at three different air temperatures (50, 70, 90 C) and at two different microwave powers (3.5 W/g (db), 7.5 W/g (db)). Microwave-assisted spouted bed drying at microwave power of 3.5 W/g and 7.5 W/g reduced dying time by at least 60% and 85%, respectively compared to spouted bed drying. The effective diffusivity values were in the range of 1.44 x 10(-10)-3.32 x 10(-10) in spouted bed drying while they were between 5.06 x 10(-10) and 11.3 x 10(-10) in microwave-assisted spouted bed drying at different experimental conditions. (C) 2011 The Institution of Chemical Engineers. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.