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Effects of buckwheat flour, gums and proteins on rheological properties of gluten-free batters and structure of cakes

The main objective of the study is to determine the effects of buckwheat flour concentration and different gum types (xanthan, guar gum) or proteins (soy protein and whey protein) on rheological properties of gluten-free cake batters and physical properties of cakes (weight loss, porosity, specific volume, hardness and macro structure). Gum containing batters exhibited higher apparent viscosities. More uniform distribution of gas cells were observed in whey protein containing samples compared to other batters. Although increasing buckwheat flour concentration decreased weight loss, porosity and specific volume, it increased the hardness of the cakes. Cakes containing whey protein had the highest pore area fraction which was also correlated to porosity, specific volume and the texture results. Therefore, cakes containing 10% level buckwheat flour and whey protein can be recommended for coeliac patients as a high quality gluten-free cakes.