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A practical verifiable e-voting protocol for large scale elections over a network

Cetinkaya, Orhan
Doğanaksoy, Ali
We propose a practical verifiable e-voting protocol which guarantees e-voting requirements: privacy, eligibility, uniqueness, uncoercibility, fairness, accuracy, robustness, individual verifiability, and universal verifiability. Unlike existing e-voting protocols we employ dynamic ballot instead of predefined usual ballot in order to strengthen accuracy and fairness of the protocol. In dynamic ballots, the ordering of candidates in the ballots is dynamically created and changes for each voter. Therefore the proposed protocol is called as “DynaVote”. DynaVote does not use complex cryptographic algorithms such as homomorphic encryption and does not require anonymous communication channels such as mix-nets since it employs PVID (Pseudo-Voter Identity) scheme which relies on blind signature. Besides it has no physical assumption such as untappable channels. Hence, DynaVote is a practical e-voting protocol for large scale elections. DynaVote is performed over a network such as the Internet. In order to achieve uncoercibility, DynaVote allows recasting without sacrificing uniqueness.