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Path to Sustained Usage: A Model for Long Term Experience in Technological Products

Boğazpınar, Hakan
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta
Kuru, Armağan
Erbuğ, Çiğdem
Happiness is one of the major influences in what makes people use products, and what makes those products an important part of daily life. What drives these aspects, some arisen from personal appraisement and some directly related to the product qualities, are important for designers, as the experiences designers form tend to affect these aspects heavily. Driven from this idea, in this paper, an exploration on the evolution of positive user experience with technological products was conducted. We asked users to think about the technological products they enjoy the most, how their experiences changed over time, and what makes them still use the product. Different qualities regarding their experience were found, some human-related, some product-related, and the relations between these qualities were looked upon further in depth. The result presented itself as a theoretical model to achieve sustained usage of technological products.