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Recent Submissions

Morphological exploration of the Turkish tea glass for engaging design solutions
Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Korkut, Fatma (null; 2020-08-11)
This paper discusses the pedagogical approach followed for an educational project focusing on engaging design solutions for tea glass sets in the Turkish context. The project aimed at incorporating local values, usage patt...
Repurposing Online Videos for Exploratory Design Research
Eren, Gizem Hediye; Korkut, Fatma (2019-11-20)
This paper presents the development of a generative toolkit which utilizes user-generated online videos (UGVs) as found data and repurposes them for exploratory design research and idea generation. The toolkit aims at supp...
Developing a database of circular design online educational resources.
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Mcmahon, Muireann (null; 2019-10-15)
With the rise, in recent years, of user-generated content and openly available knowledge, many design tools and methods on sustainability and Circular Economy have been developed and self-published online by practitioners ...
Industrial design students’ reflections on cross-institutional and distance collaboration
Kaygan, Pınar; Dilek, İrem; Kaygan, Harun (2019-10-12)
As an inevitable outcome of the increasing globalization of design and manufacturing of new products, distributed design teams bring new opportunities and challenges for creative engagements. In recent studies, there is ...
Barriers and opportunities for integrating sustainable product design into Ankara small and medium-sized furniture enterprises
Okursoy, Mehmet Erçin; Pedgley, Owain Francis (null; 2019-09-19)
Sustainable Product Design (SPD) has become a major field of study indesign since 1990’s. In spite of the fact that literature and terminology ismostly stated on case studies carried out with large-scale enterprises,small ...
Tip-1 diyabet yönetiminde teknoloji kullanım pratikleri ve bu pratikler çerçevesinde şekillenen yeni kullanıcı profili üzerine vaka çalışması
Kaya, Sezgi; KAYGAN, HARUN (2019-09-10)
Nesnenin iç yüzü: tamir pratiği ve amatör bilgisayar tamircilerinin deneyimi
Ayşegül, Özçelik; KAYGAN, HARUN (null; 2019-09-10)
Nesnelerin iç yüzüyle etkileşim, nesneyi kullanıcı olarak bilmenin ötesini bilmeye yol açar. Tamir sayesinde kullanıcı için nesnenin sahip olduğu “kara kutu” karakteri bozulabilir. Bu araştırmanın amacı; kullanıcının nesne...
UX Modelling in Design Education: Methods, Processes and Examples
Töre Yargın, Gülşen; Günay, Aslı; Süner-Pla-Cerda, Sedef (2019-7-9)
This paper presents user experience (UX) modelling as an educational goal, outlining and grounding on the growing need for trained UX professionals and opportunities for expanding design expertise in this direction; and em...
Rapid development of materials experience through active learning
Pedgley, Owain Francis (2019-07-09)
In recent years, initiatives have been made to transition materials and design teaching from apredominantly lecture-based and engineering-dominated subject to one that is more practical andnurturing of experiential knowled...
Using a self-reporting tool to capture design student’s experience
Fındık Önal, Nur; Şener Pedgley, Bahar (null; 2019-07-09)
Considering the continuous design activities that are performed throughout design projects, design students go through several stages of decision making. Sometimes they experience problematic situations in between conse...
Asking the industry partners: Reflecting on the value of internships for circular design
Mcmahon, Muireann; Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta (null; 2019-07-09)
As part of Circular Design: Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability (L4IDS) Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project, a series of internships were conducted in collaboration with local industry partners and interns fr...
Exploring Design Requirements of Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Young People
Karadeniz, Aylin; Dursun, Melis; Töre Yargın, Gülşen (2019-06-04)
Outdoor Fitness Equipment (OFE) can support public health by making physical activity available to all segments of the society. However, our knowledge is limited regarding how young people can adopt this equipment. Therefo...
The aspects of aesthetics of interaction: deconstructing the ‘how’ level of user-product interactions
Şen, Güzin; Şener Pedgley, Bahar (null; 2019-05-23)
The term aesthetics of interaction emerged from the need to explain the appreciation of our sensory experience of the products, which goes beyond the appreciation of the visual appearance. In other words, it is used to def...
Influence of Aesthetic Properties on Stimulating Emotional Responses
Sevener, Zeynep; Asatekin, Mehmet (2019-4-1)
The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework that demonstrates the role of aesthetic properties in stimulating emotional experiences. The framework is constructed as the answer to the question: "What are the consequ...
Design and emotion' in the context of social differentiation
Özlem, Savaş (2019-4-1)
Different social classes diverge in their goals, concerns and attitudes towards material objects. Therefore, consumption preferences reflect and reproduce social differences among people. As Veblen (1957) and Bourdieu (198...
Path to Sustained Usage: A Model for Long Term Experience in Technological Products
Boğazpınar, Hakan; Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Kuru, Armağan; Erbuğ, Çiğdem (2019-3-25)
Happiness is one of the major influences in what makes people use products, and what makes those products an important part of daily life. What drives these aspects, some arisen from personal appraisement and some directly...
So What Comes Next? Constructive Randomness Within Products
Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs (2019-3-19)
Product design is most often about building order and predictable functions into objects. There exists however a fascinating array of products that possess some purposeful disorder and unpredictability. These products embr...
My Dear Monster Friends - Matrix as an Emotionally Rich Generative Design Tool
Korkut, Fatma; Doğan, Çağla (2019-3-17)
This paper focuses on the means of integrating emotionally rich associations into the idea generation phase of the design process. Matrix, a generative and evolving design tool developed at METU Department of Industrial De...
"Cheapness is Not a Sense, George!": An Economic Critique of Design and Emotion Discourse
Kaygan, Harun; Şişman, Osman (2019-3-16)
The body of works gathered under the title ‘design and emotion’, not surprisingly, constitutes a coherent set of definitions concerning their ‘subject’: This presupposed subject is capable of not only 'experiencing' the ob...
Product related determinants of user satisfaction for different product groups
Demir, Erdem; Erbuğ, Çiğdem (2019-3-5)
This paper focuses on the product related determinants of user satisfaction. It presents the results of an empirical study conducted to reveal the impacts of product related determinants on different product groups. The si...