A direct injection method for blood cells into microchannels from pure blood droplets with switchable in-situ distillation of erythrocytes

Ciftlik, Ata Tuna
Külah, Haluk
This paper represents a direct injection method for leukocytes into microfluidic channels using negative dielectrophoresis. The blood sample is a heparinated pure blood droplet and injection is realized on-chip without any external microfluidic connections to the microchip. During injection erythrocytes are immobilized in-situ at injection reservoir electrodes. The method is easily applicable to most BioMEMS applications requiring direct injection of cells from pure blood and to eliminate pressure driven control.
Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics


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Karaagacli, Taylan; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (Elsevier BV, 2020-10-01)
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In this work, we developed a new amperometric biosensor for glutamate detection using a typical method of glutamate oxidase (GlOx) immobilization via adsorption on silicalite particles. The disc platinum electrode (d = 0.4 mm) was used as the amperometric sensor. The procedure of biosensor preparation was optimized. The main parameters of modifying amperometric transducers with a silicalite layer were determined along with the procedure of GlOx adsorption on this layer. The biosensors based on GlOx adsorbed...
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In this paper, a novel behavioral modeling technique for the characterization of memory effects of amplifiers is proposed. This characterization utilizes asymmetric intermodulation distortion (IMD)components, which are the result of a 2-tone excitation of a nonlinear amplifier. These asymmetric IMD components are represented basically by a power series, where each term in the series has its own time delay term. These time delay terms successfully justify the presence of asymmetry in the intermodulation comp...
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A. T. Ciftlik and H. Külah, “A direct injection method for blood cells into microchannels from pure blood droplets with switchable in-situ distillation of erythrocytes,” presented at the Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2008, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/36959.