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Investigations of spinodal dynamics in asymmetric nuclear matter within a stochastic relativistic model

Yılmaz, Osman
Ayik, S.
Saatci, S.
Early development of spinodal instabilities and density correlation functions in asymmetric nuclear matter are investigated in the stochastic extension of the Walecka-type relativistic mean field including coupling with rho meson. Calculations are performed under typical conditions encountered in heavy-ion collisions and in the crusts of neutron stars. In general, growth of instabilities occur relatively slower for increasing charge asymmetry of matter. At higher densities around rho = 0.4 rho(0) fluctuations grow relatively faster in the quantal description than those found in the semi-classical limit. Typical sizes of early condensation regions extracted from density correlation functions are consistent with those found from dispersion relations of the unstable collective modes.