Structural development of the Dutch Central Graben -New ideas from recent 3D seismic

Rosendaal, E.A.
Kaymakcı, Nuretdin
Wijker, D.
Schroot, B.M.


Structural evolution of the Gediz Graben, SW Turkey: temporal and spatial variation of the graben basin
Ciftci, N. B.; Bozkurt, Erdin (Wiley, 2010-12-01)
The structural evolution of the Miocene to Recent Gediz Graben is intimately related to the evolution of its southern margin. This margin is shaped by a time-transgressive, composite structure that possesses flat-ramp geometry with three separate dip domains: a low-angle shallow segment; a steeper middle segment; and a low-angle deeper segment. This geometry was probably produced by one of two mechanisms, which operated perpendicular to the general trend of the graben, resulting in gradual back-rotation fol...
Structural control on compartmentalization of western anatolian grabens: role and significance of strike-slip faulting in graben formation and evolution
Bozkurt, Erdin (null; 2019-01-28)
Structural design of a lunar radio telescope using interactive CAD
Akgül, Ferhat; Johnson, S (American Society of Civil Engineers, 1992-01-01)
Some astronomers are considering the moon as an attractive location within the inner solar system for a variety of astronomical observatories, some of which could be operational early in the 21st century. This paper describes the computer‐aided structural design of a 122‐m diameter, fully steerable, parabolic radio telescope to be located on the moon. The loads acting on such a reflector differ substantially from those acting on a reflector that must operate in earth's environment. The moon has excellent ad...
Structural and educational dimensions of earthquake damage mitigation in Turkey
Tankut, T (2000-06-24)
Ağaçören granitoidinde yeralan gabro kütlelerinin yapısal konumu jeolojik ve jeofizik özdirenç verilerin yorumu
Kadıoğlu, Yusuf Kagan; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan (1996-01-01)
Tuz Gölünün doğusunda yeralan Ağaçören granitoidinde yer yer gabro kütleleri yüzlek vermektedir. Benzer gabro kütleleri Orta Anadolu Kristalen Karmaşığına ait diğer granitoid sokulumlarında da izlenmekte, ancak gabronun granitoid sokulumlanndaki egemen litolojiyi oluşturan granitik kayaçlar ile olan yapısal ilişkisi arazi verileri ile kesin olarak tanımlanamamaktadır. Bu çalışma granit-gabro yapısal ilişkisinin belirlenmesine yönelik olarak, Ağaçören granitoidinin orta kesimlerinde yeralan Kapak Tepe ve Hav...
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E. A. Rosendaal, N. Kaymakcı, D. Wijker, and B. M. Schroot, “Structural development of the Dutch Central Graben -New ideas from recent 3D seismic,” 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: